Are Dark Web Red Rooms Real?

EDIT: At the time I wrote this, I was less informed about Tor, and believed that red rooms could exist on it. Given what I know now about how Tor works, I find this very unlikely. If you can prove otherwise, let me know.

One frequently asked question, with regard to the deep web and dark web, is about so-called “red rooms.”

And before I get into this, let me clarify a few terms: the term “deep web” generally refers to sites that aren’t indexed by major search engines, like Google.  The term “dark web” refers to sites that are purposely hidden, and require specific software or configurations to access.  The Tor network is one of these.

There has been much debate, on both the dark web and surface web, as to whether red rooms exist or not.  There have also been numerous horror stories on Reddit, YouTube, and other social media sites about this terrifying legend.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a red room, in theory, is a live stream of a victim (male or female) being graphically tortured and murdered.  An audience member generally pays a certain amount of bitcoin to be admitted to the show, and pays a higher amount to be in charge of what happens.

I only say “in theory” because I have yet to directly witness anything like this, and many people, even on the dark web, deny its existence.

You may think this strange, but I still tend to believe that they exist.  I’ve seen a number of other incredibly sick things on the dark web thus far, and it doesn’t seem too farfetched that something of this nature could be real.

I have, in fact, found three sites that claimed to be red rooms (or to link to them), but I don’t have absolute proof that they’re real.

The one that sticks in my mind the most was a blog post (on Tor) that claimed to have access to a list of red rooms.  The post, written in somewhat broken English, said this (and I’m paraphrasing):

“Send me an email, and I give you the bitcoin address to pay for access [sic]the list.

For be [sic] spectator of the show (you just see people tortured and murdered), send 0.40 BTC with the text, ‘SPECTATOR.’

For be [sic] master of the show (you decide how to torture and how to kill), send 0.70 BTC with the text, ‘MASTER.’  I then send you the bitcoin address to pay.  Once it has received confirmations, I send you the password for access [sic] the list.”

Mind you, this could have all been a scam, as scams run rampant on the dark web.  Still, you have to wonder – if enough people had been ripped off, you would think word would get around.

YouTube user mutahar addresses this in one of his videos, entitled Are Deep Web Red Rooms Real?  According to him, they do exist, although he hasn’t said how he knows this for certain.  Also, YouTube user Corpse Husband shares a horror story that involves red rooms, called Horrifying Deep Web Stories: “Why I Quit Hacking”.  I have no proof that the story is real, but it’s very scary, nonetheless!

I have a couple of other theories regarding red rooms: it’s possible that they’re just so difficult to find, even on the dark web, unless you’re actively looking for them.  Plus, they may have such stringent security protocols that it’s difficult to access the site(s) in the first place.

On top of that, some of them may simply be staged with special effects and makeup, but presented as if they’re real.  This has happened before, with such films as Snuff (1976) or Cannibal Holocaust (1980).

So, what do you think?  Are red rooms real? Has anyone experienced anything like it?  Feel free to comment!

9 thoughts on “Are Dark Web Red Rooms Real?”

  1. I tried to access 12 onion links that claims that they are a real red rooms website on the dark web but will first ask to register a account and then pay a certain amount to see this live murder. Sex harrasement . brutual punishments as red rooms are famous for . In the year 2016, in the month of february i bought my laptop and tried to access these red rooms websites to reaveal the truth and i also paid bitcoins and shocking thing was that no live stream started after paying , every time when i opened these my registered fake account on these so called red rooms websites, a software starts downloading and after downloading i can’t find it’s file in the destination folder and i have to dump my laptop due to all these software because these software made my laptop too much slow and my laptop starts rebooting several times with no time limits and my privacy is leaked , i thought and i buyed 2 to 6 antivirus for detecting these malicious software in my laptop but failed and shocking things started to happen after 3 months of downloading these softwares . after opening tor browser porn links automatically opens and starts to pay bitcoins automatically and my account was hacked, even My facebook account started to open verify and posts onion links via tor browser. scary things happened iand i finally dumped my laptop after witnessing the scary experience of visiting fake red rooms links ..

    I buyed new laptop after 5 months and now recommend you not to open onion links deep web links via tor browser

  2. red rooms can’t actually exists the connection on the dark web is too slow for a video to stream yet alone even be watched with any form of enjoyment

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