Is The Dark Web All “Bad”?


This seems to be another very popular question with regard to the deep web and dark web.  My answer to that?  No!  It isn’t!

I do realize that the terms “good” and “bad” are highly subjective, but when people ask this question, I think they mean “Is it all composed of child porn, drugs, gun trafficking, and hitmen?”  So the answer to that is still no.

Some sites on the Tor network, for example, are concerned with privacy and “whistleblowing,” such as WikiLeaks, which has both a surface web and dark web address.

There are also blogs, social networks, and social media sites (just as on the surface web). The difference, in the case of the dark web, is that many of the social media sites are extremely concerned with privacy, especially in light of certain sites being shut down due to controversial ideas.

Vice.Com: A Tour of the Best, Entirely Legal Hangouts on the Deep Web covers this in some detail. Several of the sites featured include Jotunbane’s Reading Club, the Imperial Library of Trantor, and Beneath VT: Exploring Virginia Tech’s Steam Tunnels.

Granted, these sites may not have to be on the dark web, but I think that the webmasters enjoy the sense of freedom and lack of censorship that it affords them.

I’ll post the links to some of these sites later, when I have access to them.

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Have you heard of the dark web? Simply put, it's the "hidden internet" built on networks like Tor. "Secrets of the Dark" chronicles my dark web experiences, but is also aimed at demythologizing it and teaching about it. Want to reproduce one of the "horror stories"? Contact me at

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