Most Disturbing Dark Web Sites?


Disturbing is an Understatement

Since I started writing this blog, people often send me questions about the dark web. One of the ones that people ask most frequently is “What’s the most disturbing deep web site you’ve ever seen?”

I’ve seen quite a few, but they might differ from the stories you hear on Youtube.  One of the most disturbing ones I came across, though, was called “Scream, Bitch!”  It was essentially a forum, but possibly the sickest one I’d ever seen.


It was meant for people who wanted to see photos, videos, and stories of rape, abuse, and murder.  In fact, it’s possible that some of these people were the ones actually committing such crimes (but I have no proof of that).  I’m not sure if the site is still active, but the front page still exists.

As you can see above, the “Introductions” section features this caption: “Looking for new friends?  Introduce yourself to the rest of the sick fucks here.”  Then there’s a page entitled “No Limits Discussion,” described as “A no limits discussion area.  Let us know how you would really treat them.”

I haven’t dared to venture into any of these, but I can only imagine what kind of horrible, disgusting things people have “explored” on this forum.  What’s even more disturbing, to me, is that some of the people posting on here have likely abused children, animals, or adults.

The site’s registration is now closed, but as far as I know, it hasn’t been taken down completely.  Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not sharing the link to it.  I’m sure you can find it if you really want to.

This Youtube video explains it a bit more (in Spanish): entro a la Pagina mas Extrema del Inframundo SCREAM BITCH!! y te lo muestro 2015

Cruel and Unusual

I also once came across a site called “The Cruel Onions Forum,” which was described as a “forum for ‘bad things.'”  While it was, in theory, just a forum, there were all manner of disturbing things being discussed on it.

I recall one person asking for the video “Daisy’s Destruction,” which, if you aren’t familiar, is a video of a young girl being tortured and sexually abused.  It was produced by the notorious Australian pedophile and child molester Peter Scully, former owner of a company called No Limits Fun, that created such videos.

The part I distinctly remember the most, however, was a young woman (supposedly) who said, “Hi!  I’m a 15-year-old girl!  Who wants to rape me and abuse me, and make me their slave?”

Someone else on the forum piped up, “What?  Are you serious?”

Her response: “Totally serious.”

His response: “Here’s my number: xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Hit me up.”

Of course, I have no idea what was really going on there – it could’ve been a sting operation, for all I know.  I suppose if it were consensual, that’s slightly less disturbing, but still…

These are only two examples – I’ve come across others, but perhaps that’s for a future post.


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