How Do I Search the Dark Web? (Links Included)

Note: I apologize that the screenshots are so small – try zooming in and see if you can get a better look at the text.

This is a question I get very frequently.  In fact, it’s probably in the Top 10 Deep Web/Dark Web questions.

If it’s Tor you’re referring to, it does in fact have search engines on it.  You just have to look a little bit to find them.  These search engines are the way that I’ve found a lot of the interesting dark web sites.

As with search engines like Google and Bing, you just type in a search term and look through the results.  These search engines, however, don’t function quite the same way.  Let’s experiment and see what results what get, shall we?




Ahmia is one of the best search engines on Tor (in my opinion).  It was the first search engine I discovered that could look through sites on the “dark web.”

As with any of the search engines, you may not always come up with what you’re looking for, but it’s worth a shot.  Let’s try searching for “bitcoin.”  Here are the top few results:

Ahmia Results

Interesting, huh?  I’m especially interested in that cannabis one (I joke).  Because bitcoin is the primary “currency” on Tor and other darknet networks, you’re likely to see many other intriguing sites come up.

Now, let’s try a different search engine.

not Evil

I’d say not Evil is about tied with Ahmia in terms of how good its results are.  Again, you probably won’t always find what you’re looking for, but if you fool around and try different search terms, you just might.  Let’s try searching for “conspiracy.”

not Evil conspiracy

That’s what came up on my last search for “conspiracy,” although it might change by the time you try it.  These searches might not be interesting to you, so go to the site and try it yourself if you want to find something really fascinating.  Hint: try just typing in the word “links” and see what you come up with.  The less specific you are, the more crazy results you might get.


Yet another Tor search engine, Candle comes up with fewer results (at least clickable ones), but they tend to be pretty relevant, most of the time.  Let’s just try the word “links” on here and see what we get:

Candle Results

That may not look like much, but the thing about searching for “links” is that you’ll probably come up with a lot more sites with interesting links inside them.  In fact, that site at the top, “Welcome To Dark Web Links & More!”, is one of my favorite link sites on the Tor network.

Tor! Searchengine

A newer search engine on Tor, it’ll be my first time trying this one, so I guess you could say we’re in the same boat!  What should I search for this time?  Let’s try “weird.”

Tor Search Results

I somehow find it just a little comforting that Weird Al Yankovic is in those search results.  Anyhow, give this one a try too.

These searches may have looked a little boring, but I was really just trying to explain how to use these.  Check out those links, and you can do your own wild and crazy exploring, kids!!

Don’t stay up past your bedtime, OK?


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