Is the Shadow Web a Reality? (Updated)


Short answer?  Yes, I believe that something like it exists, but I don’t think you can get there from the so-called “Shadow Web” site.

There was a site, at one point, that called itself “The Hidden Gateway to the Shadow Web,” and it looked exactly like this:


I had never actually paid my way through to the supposed sites, but as the story goes, there was some extremely sick content on there.  Oddly enough, this very same site had a link to a creepypasta entitled A warning to those thinking of accessing the shadow web has increased its “urban legend” status.

My gut feeling is that the creepypasta was made up, but having seen some very sick and disgusting pages on the dark web myself, I was willing to believe that there were worse things in existence.


Photo courtesy of

Currently, there’s yet another series of sites up on the Tor network that also refer to themselves as “The Gateway to the Shadow Web,” but I’m starting to become even more skeptical of these.

The new ones look like this:


I’m still suspicious, because the site above appears at least seven different URLs on Tor, which leads me to believe that it’s some kind of trap by law enforcement, or merely a scam.  Anything where they want you to download special software, or something like that, is something I would not want to get involved in.

It would be extremely difficult to do something like this over the Tor network, because its speed is akin to that of dialup networks (like the old internet of the ’90s).  On the other hand, if you were accessing the dark web through some other method, it would, in theory, be possible.

So What’s the Answer, Damn It?!

Here’s one of the reasons I’m not completely discrediting the “shadow web” idea.  I did talk to one reputable Quora author (whom I won’t named here) who said that not only does something like it exist, it was the sickest thing she had ever seen.  Actually, she didn’t specifically call it “the shadow web”; she just said it was another part of the deep web that was harder to access.

She said that she “invested in a non-American SSH Tunnel that I trusted and started digging even deeper.  I had read stories on the surface web relating to these things, and I do not care what absolutely anybody has to say about it.  I know that these sites are not a joke and for somebody to minimize the very real existence of these sites and their victims is not only abhorrently disrespectful but flat out ignorant.”   On top of that, she said that it was her reason for getting off of the dark web completely.

Here’s my take on it:

I think something like this could exist (though I have no proof).  It may be technologically difficult, but if you were to have enough security protocols in place, I think it could be accomplished.

There are IRC chat rooms that you can access through the Tor network, where people are into some very sick and disturbing things (IMHO, at least).  So, if you contacted someone in one of these chat rooms who had knowledge of such things, they could probably point you in the direction of a site like this.

The caveat, of course, is that if it were the real thing, not only would it be illegal, but it would probably cost you a very high amount of money.  If a group was organizing such a thing, it wouldn’t make sense to offer it for free.

I did come across a similar site on the Tor network, which supposedly offered films of women getting raped, as well as videos of real deaths (they just weren’t live streams).  It was more along the lines of something like Faces of Death, which was a shock film, but the filmmakers hadn’t actually killed the victims.  Not that I spent very long on this site, but they basically offered samples of the videos for free, and then you had to pay quite a bit of money to subscribe.  (I’ve talked about the site in another post).

I imagine the same would be true of the so-called “shadow web,” that is, if something like it existed.  I’m trying to be rational about this, believe me!!

So there’s my two cents.  Take it or leave it.


34 thoughts on “Is the Shadow Web a Reality? (Updated)”

    1. Good question, Evan. I hate to admit it, but I don’t fully know. I think the name “Shadow Web” might have originated from the creepypasta, so as far as an actual place called “The Shadow Web,” it’s probably fake.

      The “deep web” is just kind of a catch-all term for sites that aren’t indexed by search engines, so they won’t show up in search results. The “dark web” means sites that you need specific software or configurations to access (like Tor sites).

      But even so, I think there are sites on Tor and other networks that can access through SSH tunneling or some other method that may feature darker content because they figure they can get away with it. This would probably be the closest thing to a real “shadow web” (even if it’s not actually called that).

      1. Nah buddy. The Deep web contains content you must search through websites themselves. Alot of deep web content is found through surface web sites.
        The Dark web is the shit you can’t access without a browser like Tor. The Dark Web contains your grotesque content, ranging from snuff films to child porn.
        Redrooms don’t exist.
        The shadow web doesnt exist, atleast not in the form you believe it does. If I had to put a place where the shadow web content is located, it would be deeper into the dark web itself. More secure and encrypted sites than onionsites are along the bottom layer of the Darkweb. Maybe this is what you people believe the shadow web is.
        Either way I urge you all to stay clear of the DarkWeb. Enjoy the deepweb and surfaceweb. But please stay away from the DarkWeb. Its not for the laymen.

      1. secretsofthedark ,, italianGoat Really Knows The Way To The Shadow Web as he was the director of one live streams of killing a woman !!

  1. Hi, I found a one-paged site, a sort of repository that lists mariana’s web links (.clos and .loky domains):

    It seems that you would be able to access it throught Ubuntu So, Freenet Browser and ChaosVPN network. I’ve been attempting to understand how configure this ChaosVPN (I installed Ubuntu and Freenet in the Oracle VM VirtualBox).

    Whether it’s true or not, I can’t say.

    1. Well, I don’t know, but it sounds to me like whoever made that post was trolling people. Freenet and ChaosVPN are not associated in any way whatsoever.

      Freenet is an anonymity network, kind of like Tor, but can be accessed from a standard browser like Firefox or Chrome (if you’re connected to the network). The sites built on Freenet are called Freesites and have very long URLs, because (to put it simply) they’re made up of randomly generated characters (or hashes). Here’s an example of a real Freenet URL: http://localhost:8888/freenet:USK@mmfr1n5a-vpaTSvuDpS60uuozpTL63Qa61BY-b~NIGQ,t2V38Am4Z74H~GwGzFQbaPcSbYvlAnwf6Jw~BZkJUUA,AQACAAE/icecat/3/

      To download Freenet, go to

      As for ChaosVPN, it’s a VPN (virtual private network) made to connect hackers with hackerspaces. To set it up, you use the Tinc VPN (; have you already done that? It’s not technically part of the “dark web,” but it is a private network.

      But…neither of these have anything to do with the Mariana’s Web or .clos domains, etc. The rest of that has been made up to scam people. As a matter of fact, some people have set up sites on Tor to try to scam people out of their money based on these urban legends. Don’t fall for it, man!

      1. Don’t worry! Even if I’m not too much in confidence with networks theory et similia, I’m not overcome with the urge to dissipate money to the swindlers (I run across some strange onion sites like “gateway to the Marianas’ Web”, “shadow web”, and yes: they sound to me like a fraud).
        However, I believe .clos domain sites really exist… Take a look at the images here reacheables:
        (it seems a turkish blog managed by an expert computer technician, but i could be in the wrong)

        I tried to access to the Freenet network throught a couple of repositories named Linkageddon and Nerdageddon (alas, too many sites filled with underaged porn contents).

        As far as ChaosVPN is concerned, I installed Tinc taking advantage of Ubuntu prompt (command lines) following these instructions:

        But, at this point, I’ve lost my bearings! What is the next step? How does it work?

      2. Hey man! I didn’t see your last question on there. I was wondering – how far did you get in the instructions? Toward the end of the how-to it says that you need to send your info to The info they need is your gatewayhost, ipv4 or ipv6 subnet in the VPN, admin of the vpn gateway, port #, and whether or not you can accept inbound tunnel connections (like on I2P). And they need your public RSA key.

        Did you do all that? If so, they’re supposed to respond back to you eventually (it may take awhile).

    2. ChaosVPN does NOT help you reach domains like .rdos, .lll, .close or any other strange things supposed to be available on the “dark web”.

      That’s the first thing it says on the ChaosVPN wiki, in a huge red banner:

      Don’t bother these people with E-Mails, about urban legends, when you can’t even be bothered to read the wiki for ChaosVPN.

      1. LOL! I didn’t know if that was directed at me or the guy in the comments, but I wrote a more recent post about ChaosVPN and mentioned that comment there. Yes, I know ChaosVPN is unrelated to the dark web. It’s still interesting to me for other reasons – I’m learning to code, and might be interested in joining the VPN in the future to meet some white-hat hackers.

  2. I want to join a Shadow Web member
    My heart has been filled with pain and hate .. even god in me also no longer ..
    if I am allowed to join .. anything I will do for my grudge and hurt my heart .. please

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