Where Can I Find Deep Web/Dark Web Links?

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This is another question I get very, very frequently.  So I thought it was about time I just laid it out there for everyone to see!

I guess it really depends on what you consider “obscure”, “weird”, or “bizarre.”  I’m going to include some Tor links first, because:

1. It’s the easiest to use, and…

2. It’s received a lot of hype in the news and on Youtube, etc.

There are a number of sites that call themselves “The Hidden Wiki” on both the clearnet and dark web; they’re some of the places that first-timers generally access sites on Tor.

Here’s one of the clearnet Hidden Wikis: HiddenWiki Deep Web Links.  Is there anything illegal on it?  Yes!!  But why would that stop you?  (I’ll include a few sample links here.)

It’s definitely a good introduction point for those who are brand new to Tor, and the dark web in general.  Unfortunately, I don’t know which of these links are scams, and which aren’t, so be careful!  Anyway, the links are divided into general categories (a few samples are included):

a. Introduction points, forums, links, search engines, information, chat, personal blogs, “normal sites”:


The Hidden Wiki

The Uncensored Hidden Wiki

Vault 43

Cruel Onion Forum (forum for “bad” things)

Nudist Paradise

Bad Ideas Forum

Facebook on Tor (yeah, seriously)

Sanctioned Suicide

b. Marketplaces and Stores:


EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet with Free Bitcoin Mixer

EuCanna – First Class Cannabis Healthcare

Peoples Drug Store – The Darkweb’s Best Drug Supplier!

Smokeables – Finest Organic Cannabis Shipped from the USA

CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier

DeDope – German Weed and Hash Shop

BitPharma: EU vendor for cocaine, speed, MDMA, psychedelics

Brainmagic – best psychedelics on the darknet!

NLGrowers – Coffee shop grade cannabis from the Netherlands

Kamagra for bitcoin – same as Viagra but cheaper!

c. Tech, technology, computers, hackers for hire, hacking/anarchy related materials


MacLemon – Security, news, links

Tor network status

Tor PGP Public Key Server

Tor Web Developer for Hire

Web Programmer for Hire

Pioopioo’s Services (hacker for hire)

Parazite (anarchy info) [this is one of my favorite Tor sites, actually!]

Cable Viewer


Encryption Password Generator

A CGI Proxy

d. Porn, erotica (WARNING: May contain disturbing content)


Pr0n Storm

Fetish Site

Shit and Scat

Nordic Scandanavian Porn

Extreme Boy Stories

Secret Story Archive

XComics (Adult Comics)

Soreking’s Hidden Romance

Pee Pics

e. Political, activists, groups, journalism, whistle blowing, etc.


Youth Rage Forum

Associated Whistleblowers

Community X Recruitment

Code Green (Ethical Hacktivism)

Infodio Leaks

Wiki Leaks

f. Anonymity, security


Anonet Wiki

Secure Messaging


Lelantos Email

Onion Mail

JitJat (Messaging)

TOR Pastebin

Retroshare Chat Server


g. Hosting, web, file, image


OnionWeb File Hosting

Hidden Hosting

Free Hosting Links

Darknet Solutions (hosting and design)

Image Hosting

Secure Drop


Hidden Hosting

Darknet Solutions (Hosting and Design)

Onion Uploader

Yay Ponies!

Sea Kitten Palace (torrents)

TorFlix (movies)

h. “I just don’t know what this exactly” [sic] – Weird Stuff




Smart5 (forum)

XL33tvill3 (links and other stuff)


Solar display

ELIZA chatbot

But there are tons of other link sites, forums, etc.  One of my favorite ones is called Welcome to Dark Web Links & More!

Dark Web Links

While these sites may not be obscure, in and of themselves, usually they work, which is more than I can say for some of the other link sites I’ve come across.  And also, this site seems to get updated frequently.  There are often new links added (the ones with the white text are the most recently updated).

The sites on “Dark Web Links” are categorized into “Wiki”, “Computers”, “Education”, “Entertainment”, “Government”, “Link Lists”, “Tor”, “News”, “Personal”, “SEX 18+”, and others.

But wait!  Aren’t there thousands of these on Tor??  Yes, but this one, at least, doesn’t allow child pornography, so that’s a plus in my book.

Courtesy of Pastebin:

Here are some sample Tor links courtesy of Pastebin.com (unfortunately I don’t have any other info on these – visit at your own risk!!).  The full list is at the link above.




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