Q & A with a Member of Anonymous (Italy)

by Secrets of the Dark


If you already have an interest in the dark web and/or hacking, the name “Anonymous” might immediately come to mind.  Yes, I’m referring to the people in the Guy Fawkes masks.

For my readers who have never heard of Anonymous or don’t know what they stand for, check out The Anonymous FAQ on Reddit.  (Hope you can handle a dose of snarkiness.)

I recently became friends with a member of Anonymous from Italy (via social media), and decided to interview him about his hacking experience, as well as some of the objectives of the organization. (The members of this particular derivative refer to their group as “Xud Anon.”)

NOTE: There were a few language barriers between us;  I’ve attempted to fill in the gaps, but it may not be perfect.  Enjoy, anyway!

Secrets of the Dark: I’m curious – how did you initially learn to hack (if you’re willing to say)?

Xud Anon: I worked in [a] bank…which I will not name, my interest was then related to this kind of thing.  But since sometimes I had free time, I spoke with the head of communications, who worked as a clerk in there…and I [tried to learn about] computer topics (in general), and from there I started to try to learn that kind [of thing], and I saw that my interest was growing day by day…

SOTD: What attracted you to this kind of thing?

XA: I do not know what attracted me to this kind of thing but it…slowly became like a drug.

SOTD: Interesting – I could see how it would be addictive.  Do you think that your goals, personally, are in sync with the rest of Anonymous?

XA: Maybe or maybe not, but I am sure that their (or rather, our) interests are very much reflected with [mine].  [Therefore] now seeing how to run things in the world, I try to support this movement to the best of my ability.

SOTD: What are you trying to achieve as a hacker?

XA: What we try to achieve, and what I think now…most people in the world [want], [is] a dramatic change of the system in which today we are REQUIRED to submit to people who do nothing but create confusion in people’s minds through their issuers.  Television, newspapers – tell us that we are free – but ask those who will read this: “Are you really sure about this?”

SOTD: That’s a good question.  Is your society supposedly a “free society”?

XA: The only thing I am proud of [is] the fact and the will to live, and in my own way [I do what] I can to follow the lines of the other…

SOTD: What do you mean by “follow the lines of the other”?  Of the opposite side?

XA: A free society – for me it would be a society without distinctions, social castes and distribution…present goods in the world are in the hands of a few.

SOTD: Some people call it socialism, what you’re describing.  But do you think change is possible?

XA: …Tell me [what] one person can be worth [in the sum of] a day’s work.  And this in my opinion [is] not absolutely beneficial.  [In the] sense that, with all the advanced technologies now present in the world, everyone [should] be able to have enough food.  Same thing for the work…housing [and] health.

SOTD: That sounds like a worthwhile goal to me!

XA: And [is it] possible that a signed paper (like the dollar or the euro) can create so much suffering in the world and those who inhabit it?

SOTD: Yes it is.  You’re right!  Even if it wasn’t meant to.  So, one last question…[do you officially] consider yourself a member of Anonymous?  What name do you go by?

XA: I would prefer to define [myself] as just one of many Italian XUD Anon…and I would also add that if you want it and believe in similar ideals, [you] may also be defined almost too (on other levels) one of many Anonymous, because our strength is in the group moving as if it were only one person.




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