Dark Web Myths (feat. Sad Satan!)


Oh, Here’s to My Sweet Satan

Before anybody says, “Oh, that’s old news,” I realize that the furor over the game Sad Satan, which was first reported on June 25, 2015, has basically died down. So what can possibly be added to it now that hasn’t already been said?

Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to examine a phenomenon regarding the deep web/dark web.  Ever since the terms “deep web” and “dark web” became buzzwords, it was almost as if you could simply attach one of those terms to a picture, video, etc., and instantly it would begin receiving thousands of views!

In the case of Sad Satan, for the average person playing it, it was definitely a disturbing game (creepy music, unsettling atmosphere, etc.)  To boot, many of the photos shown in it are references to child abuse and pedophilia (e.g. Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher, serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki), as are some of the audio clips (e.g. Jim Morrison singing “Show me the way to the next little girl”).

But really, there was never any proof that it came from the “deep web.” (If someone has evidence to the contrary, feel free to reply.)  The uncensored version of it did have a few gory images, and one shot of child pornography (not dozens), but that still doesn’t mean that the game came from the deep web or dark web.

In all likelihood, it was the owner of the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner who created the game (both the censored and uncensored versions); I’m not the first to theorize this.  Before making the Sad Satan videos, I don’t think his channel was all that popular, but after word spread about the game, it began to really take off.  Hell, it even has a Know Your Meme page: Sad Satan | Know Your Meme – though this has yet to be “confirmed.”


Nonetheless, with the words “deep web” attached to it, it gained that much more mystery and intrigue.  That’s just my theory, anyway.  If you haven’t yet seen the censored version of the game on OHC’s channel, here are the videos (sans child porn and gore images):

Sad Satan – Deep Web Horror Game – Part 1

Sad Satan – Deep Web Horror Game – Part 2

Sad Satan – Deep Web Horror Game – Part 3

Sad Satan – Deep Web Horror Game – Part 4

Sad Satan – Deep Web Horror Game – Part 5

The one real mystery that remains about it is who really created the game (except, of course, to the creator(s) themselves).

Picture This…The Dark Web!!!


Believe it or not, the screenshot above is of a real dark web site (called PrivateFox Bookmarks).  Creepy, but a little underwhelming, isn’t it?  If you’ve never been on the Tor network, a lot of the sites look like that.  Hardly the stuff of horror videos.

There are, nevertheless, an abundance of YouTube videos that go by names like “Top 10 Most Disturbing Things on the Deep Web,” or “Most Disturbing Deep Web Facts,” etc.  While some of these are true, many are highly exaggerated or just downright inaccurate.

For example, there’s one video entitled Deep Web Disturbing Pictures! You Have NO Idea!  While I will admit that some of the pictures shown are disturbing or scary, few if any of them are from the dark web.  At the very least, the channel owner, “Midnight Fears,” added a disclaimer at the beginning: “These pictures are ONLY for the sake of ambiance.  For a real deep web story click here. ‘Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker.’  WOW!”


Another questionable video is entitled Top 15 TERRIFYING Deep Web Facts, from the channel Top15s (which is also horror-themed).  Based on my dark web experience, some of the things he states in the video are true, but some are quite wrong (or at least dubious).

Case in point: the first “fact” he discusses are the supposed contract killers present on the dark web (not “deep web”!).  While it is my opinion that there may be some legitimate contract killer services, it’s more conceivable that most of them are mere scams (as many of the paid services on Tor are).


In the very same video, the narrator discusses the Cicada 3301 phenomenon (and he pronounces it “sick-uh-duh.”). While that has received mentions on the dark web (and sometimes clues are posted there), I doubt that it originated on the dark web.  Again, correct me if I’m wrong, my fellow dark web explorers! My guess is that they were hard up for 15 actual facts about the dark web, so they used things like Cicada 3301 as filler.  Some of their statements were accurate, such as “Malware can easily be obtained,” but others are just flat-out-wrong.

(Ironically, I actually do enjoy watching the videos from the Top15s channel.)  There are quite a few YouTube videos like this one.  And I’ve said this before – there are disturbing things on the dark web, but most of the videos and fictional stories blow it out of proportion.

Beyond that, you sometimes have to put in the time and effort to find said disturbing things.  Much of the dark web that I’ve seen (so far, anyway) consists of link lists, forums, and search engines.  Occasionally, those sites will come up with disturbing material, but you’ll have to wade through all the neutral stuff to find it.

I confess that I’m not a hacker (yet), but if you use various techniques such as SSH tunneling and others, you’ll come across content that the average user won’t be able to find.

Don’t ask me what – I’m still digging!


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