Cicada 3301 Puzzle in 2016 (No, I Haven’t Solved It!)


Cicada 4

I have long been an enthusiast of puzzles, particularly those of the verbal type. Nevertheless, I can safely say that I’ve yet to encounter something as difficult and complex as Cicada 3301 (and I’m sure many would agree). Trust me, if I had figured out all the answers already, I’d probably be a part of the organization, and might be helping come up with the puzzles.

I’m also a bit “late” to this game, considering that it originally started on January 4, 2012. but would like to contribute however possible. What I have learned thus far in my reading and study is that the Cicada puzzles require knowledge of cryptography, history, language, steganography, and coding (hooray!).

The previous clues have appeared across the world in both physical and digital media, music, Linux CDs, and other media. And the past puzzles have referenced many historical, literary, artistic, and philosophical areas: Agrippa: A Book of the Dead, by William Gibson, Francisco Goya, M.C. Escher, Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carl Jung, Kabbalah, and Friedrich Nietzsche, just to name a few.

But that’s nothing new; you could’ve known all that from the Wikipedia article (Cicada 3301 – Wikipedia)!

From what I gather, there are many clues in the CICADA 3301 Liber Primus Sacred Book, which is more or less the “holy book” of Cicada 3301, so to speak.  The book was originally written in runes, though a Latin translation also exists.

In the process, I’ve begun following the official Cicada Twitter account (@1231507051321).  “They” have recently been tweeting cryptic messages in the form of 5-digit strings of numbers.  Under their bio section, it reads this:


I presume this is some kind of cipher, but I haven’t yet solved it (and I’m certain some people out there already have).  Honestly, this gives me the urge to learn more about cryptography, ciphers, and other fields of which I have limited knowledge, so that I can get closer to the truth.

The thing is, I’m already in the process of learning coding, gaining knowledge of the dark web, and writing as much as possible, so to add this onto my plate as well would be like taking on an interdisciplinary major!


Cult Status?!?!

I’m already fully aware that there have been cult/terrorist allegations against Cicada 3301, in particular by Dr. Tim Dailey of the Family Research Council, and I think it’s utter bullshit (in spite of the fact that they talk about a “holy book” and such).  If anything, that’s more figurative.

Anytime something of this nature comes out, there’s always someone who’s going to call it a cult, terrorist group, or devil worship, etc.  To them, I say:


My interest is primarily in solving the puzzles, because I just love a good mystery, and it’s very satisfying when you come up with the conclusion.

This looks like one of those posts that deserves a sequel or two…or three…or a whole season.




7 thoughts on “Cicada 3301 Puzzle in 2016 (No, I Haven’t Solved It!)”

  1. That’s not Cicada’s official twitter account buddy.
    @31507051321 is the only official account of Cicada.
    Besides, what makes the cicada puzzles so difficult to solve is not the puzzle itself but rather the myriad of misinformation (like e.g. the many fake twitter accounts) that surrounds the puzzles.

  2. did anybody found a new link/? i found somthing but not quait sure since agin is well ull see … heres d link … talks about The laws of a number of pillars, according to the heads of the second and of the third volume in the Pndectarum …

  3. link

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