Dogecoin: wow such crypto much shibe!


A couple of my readers had asked me recently, “Where have you been?”  Off doing research, honestly!

Well, I’m excited to say that I’ve earned my first five Dogecoins through the Eobot app (which I discussed in the previous post).  Initially, I was rather skeptical about it, because anything that promises to give you money for little to no work is probably a scam…right?  (Just ask all of my dark web buddies.)

Granted, a Dogecoin isn’t worth nearly as much as a bitcoin right now:

1 Bitcoin = $430.94 USD

1 Dogecoin = $0.0002951 USD

Still, it’s exciting to be earning some cryptocurrency at all, since I’m somewhat new to the field, and it can be tricky to break into it. In truth, I wasn’t looking to become a bitcoin billionaire or a Dogecoin decillionaire overnight. My first love was, and still is, writing. Of course, if I can earn some money in the process, that ain’t so bad either!

What I would like to do, in addition, is to learn more about some of the other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum in particular) so that I can gain expertise in that area, and perhaps even make a coin or two!

In the meantime, I shall head back out into the field. It looks as though there’s a lot more waiting to be discovered…and don’t tell me otherwise!!

(Have fun, ladies and gentlemen.)



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