A Blog About So-Called Mariana’s Web?



Yeah – I’m probably contradicting myself by writing this, but on my earlier post TsalalNet: Another Urban Legend? Probably, I had basically said that there was no such thing as “Mariana’s Web.”  (And in my experience thus far, I haven’t found any evidence to the contrary.)

I was partially basing this opinion on some of the writings I’d read by people who seemed to actually know what they were talking about.

In the comments on that very same post, however, someone mentioned the blog Search for Mariana’s Web, in direct contrast to what I’d previously stated.  I figured I had to check it out, at least for amusement:


After reading through some of it, I have to say that I’m actually intrigued.  The author, Ryan Avery, who goes by the name “BlueAdept,” allegedly came across this information in a similar manner to how I discovered the dark web – curiosity and research.

According to BlueAdept, he started the project of seeking out Mariana’s Web to honor the memory of his uncle, who was actually a (white hat) hacker.  Initially, he doesn’t find much, but as he starts investigating further, he seems to come across some interesting clues.

I haven’t read through all of the blog entries (or “Records,” as he calls them) yet, but from what I gather, “Mariana” is some kind of giant A.I., that spans the entire globe.  In the process of seeking it out, the A.I. starts communicating with him.  (Do you see why I have my doubts about this?)

What I don’t know is how much of the story is truth, and how much is pure fiction.  While I have to admit that the “story” is very interesting, some of it reads like a thriller, or spy novel.  (Maybe he’s planning to publish it in novel form, in the future?  I’d actually read it.)

Here’s an excerpt, for the curious, from “Record #16” (i.e. Entry #16):

“It’s like looking into space. The dark swathes of blackness, with pinpricks of light, but they are slowly fading. One by one, the lights are going out.

“I’m still here. Time has passed. Has time passed?

“Sitting in the pitch black darkness, there’s no sound, except for the faint scuttling of Mariana in the faraway distance. The only light is the glow from the laptop, but the light stops dead a few centimetres from the screen. Enough to see it, enough to type, but not enough to see anything else.”

Intriguing, isn’t it? Again, however, I have no idea if these writings are based in reality, or are pure fiction. Not that it matters much – it’s just that for the purpose of my blog, I’ve been making an effort to differentiate between fact and fiction as much as possible, because there’s so much mythology about the deep web and dark web out there.

Ultimately, it doesn’t truly matter whether or not the existence of Mariana’s Web is real. Mr. BlueAdept has created some good art here, and that makes it fascinating to read.

On the other hand, its mysterious nature makes me want to investigate further. Are there other parts of the dark web I have yet to explore? Certainly – but some are under such heavy security that I may not yet have the skills to access them.

Well, that may be for a future adventure…in the meantime, I’ll keep digging as well.









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