Blackbook Shuts Down; Where To Now?


All right, I admit it – I couldn’t stay away from the dark web forever.  Since I’d started the blog based on that topic, I almost felt lost without including it somehow.

What I decided to do was use a “throwaway” computer that I didn’t really care about much, so it wasn’t as big a deal if it got infected in some way.

In my earlier post Fun with Dark Web Social Networking!!, I had mentioned the social network Blackbook, which was a lot like the “Facebook of Tor.”  Nevertheless, the last I checked, Blackbook had been shut down (permanently).

To be honest, although I had made some friends there, I wasn’t that attached to the site itself; there are quite a few other social networks.  I’m not entirely sure of the reason it was shut down, but I recall that there were some “questionable” posts on the news feed (for lack of a better word) from time to time, and that may have had something to do with it.

Strangely enough, the site now directs visitors to a site called Torbay, which sounds a lot like an Ebay-style marketplace (and it is partially that, but it’s also a plain old forum).


As far as I know, some of the former members of Blackbook have migrated over there, while others have joined similar social networks such as Galaxy2.

Perhaps I should do the same – well, initially, when I tried to sign up, I continually received an error message, but the site wouldn’t tell me what the error was!  I have a feeling that my password was too long.  Since when is 50 characters too long?? 😉

I don’t know what I’ll actually do on the forum, but who knows?  I may make some friends or find out new information.  (By the way – if anyone from Tor is reading this, not to worry…I won’t give your secrets away.)

Beyond that, for research purposes, it would be fun to investigate some of the other “alternative” social networks (excluding the ones for pedos, of course).  The question is…where to find them?

Well, I can’t imagine it would be that difficult.  Believe it or not, things still travel by word-of-mouth on the dark web.

Oh, might they know who I really am now??  Noooooooooooooooooooooo….



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