Drugs Sold on the Clearnet? (No Links!)


OK, maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised by this, but given all the information on darknet markets I was seeking, it seemed to come out of left field.

On some of my previous posts regarding darknet markets and drugs, I had been looking for trippy graphics to accompany them.  In the process, I had been looking through Tumblr, and innocently typed in the hashtag #drugs, or #lsd (something like that, I don’t quite remember).

To my surprise, one of the accounts that came up appeared to be an actual dealer selling the stuff.  (Emphasis on the “appeared”).

In all likelihood, this may have been a DEA officer or some other law enforcement agency trying to entrap customers seeking the stuff, although there’s the remote possibility that it’s an actual dealer.

I was just very surprised, because if it were a real dealer, you could very easily get caught doing something like that on the clearnet.  Heck, they’ve even been caught on the dark web – just look at the first two Silk Road markets.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the third one gets shut down as well.

I checked the same hashtags just now, and the link wasn’t there, so it’s possible that either the person took it down, or that it really was LE and they just temporarily had the page up as a honeypot.

Look – I’m neither anti-law enforcement, nor completely anti-drugs.  I’m a writer and a researcher.  I liked the idea that Colorado had legalized marijuana.  That aside, I would tell my fellow netizens to be careful where you seek out drugs of any kind, even on the dark web.  You don’t always know whom you’re dealing with (no pun intended).

If that’s what you’re into, have fun – and watch your back.

P.S. If you think I’m the dealer type, you have it dead wrong.  Look elsewhere.




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