Hitmen on the Dark Web? Ooh, I Am Scared!!


Some of you may read that headline and think, “Dude, they’re gonna come after you next!”  Well, maybe if one of them is actually real.

Let me preface this by saying – I know that real contract killers exist.  Just look at the Zetas, Gotti family, etc.  These are not those guys.

What sparked my inspiration for this was one of the YouTube videos by Top15s entitled Top 15 TERRIFYING Deep Web Facts.  The first “fact” featured on the video reads (and you have to read this like you have a cold – watch the video and you’ll know what I mean):

Another key component of what makes up the world of deep web shopping is the hitman services that are offered by several different sites. Much like the Silk Road, transactions are made using the bitcoin currency to maintain as much anonymity as possible. One site, offers an assassination in the US or Canada for 10,000 dollars and one in Europe for 12,000 dollars. Although commonly prices range depending on the person you’re looking to kill…

Had I never experienced the dark web at all prior to watching this video, I would have found this idea terrifying as well.  Notwithstanding, I’ve gained a lot more firsthand experience and done quite a bit more research since watching these “scare tactic” videos.

If you look at the actual “hitman” websites and break down their claims, most if not all of them don’t hold up.  One of the most comical sites is the *cough* notorious Besa Mafia, who had been featured in these articles:

Pirate dot london: Assassination scams, the next generation

Besa Mafia murder-for-hire scam exposed following hack

VICE Motherboard: This Fake Hitman Site Is the Most Elaborate, Twisted Dark Web Scam Yet.

Don’t believe me?  Have a look at them in person! Besa Albanian Mafia: Hire a Killer or Hitman


Even without hacking into their site, I still find it rather obvious that it’s a fake.

Forget the fact that their spelling and grammar is awful; you see that on many sites, legit or not.

As Deku-shrub a.k.a. Chris Monteiro, the author of Pirate dot London, points out:

That said, on closer inspection many details don’t add up. First of all you can apply to be a killer on the site directly. This seems highly unlikely given the close-knit nature of the mafia organization that supposedly runs it. 

I would tend to agree, Mr. Deku!  Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You have to see their site menu…


 Oh, well in that case, I’m definitely the “beater” type!

Here’s my resume.

And if you think that’s funny, you should read their FAQ.  (Yeah, the assassins have an FAQ!)

13. Why people claim there are no hitmen on deep web or all are fake?

People who claim this are undercover police who want to scare away newbies from using hitmen. On deep web there are fake drug vendors and real drug vendors, fake credit card providers and real credit card providers, fake gun sellers and real gun sellers, it’s only escrow that can protect you

They also offer a hilarious explanation of how Tor works:

1. If you have not done so already, download the Tor Browser . It’s free and protects your privacy by hiding your IP through 3 Proxies and does not leave any traces on your computer about visited sites. You won’t have investigators coming to your door, but if ever that happens they won’t find anything…

Doesn’t leave any traces??  Does it count if I bookmarked your site on the Tor browser?


Hey, wait a second!  There’s my hitman transaction on the bitcoin blockchain!  Oooops, I left a trace!

And I think the Besa guys need to re-read this and get their facts straight: Tor Project: Overview

Well, if you aren’t convinced yet, Besa Mafia are not the only group on the dark web who claim to be assassins.  There are quite a few others, and just to plead the fifth, I don’t know with absolute certainty that all of them are fake.  They do, however, have several things in common:


All of these sites claim to offer killings for hefty sums of bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), and most have a list of whom they will or will not kill.  Or, at the very least, they have much higher prices for, say, someone like a president, prime minister, or secretary of state.  There’s some risk involved, you know!!

Out of all of these, Besa Mafia has to be the corniest one I’ve ever read (in my humble opinion, of course).


Oh crap – Unfriendlysolution says, “Do not talk about my service in real life or in the clear web.”  Am I screwed now or what?  Hey, I’m giving you free advertising!

Actually, I’ve heard on the dark web that the one above is real, but we all know everyone tells the truth on there, right?  It’s likely that that information may have come from the site owner(s) themselves.

For those who still aren’t convinced that any of these are scams, I’d like to direct you to this flowchart (also courtesy of Pirate dot London):

I’m still waiting for them to answer my “questions and clarifications.”

Speaking of which, has anyone seen this blog? Fighting Besa Mafia – yeah, it’s written by someone who claims to be “fighting against the Besa-Mafia and the criminal activities carried out by them.”  Excuse me while I stifle my laughter.

I would be shocked, if the blog weren’t every bit as ridiculous as the original Besa Mafia site.  In fact, it looks as if it were made by the same people who created the Besa Mafia site:


So, why would the same people try to “fight” their own site?  Simple.  It’s an attempt to lend legitimacy to the organization, and make it sound more like a genuine hitman network.

Besides, would a real hitman whistleblower use Blogspot?

I rest my case.



4 thoughts on “Hitmen on the Dark Web? Ooh, I Am Scared!!”

  1. The so called database leack was fake.

    It was released by Chris Monteiro, aka Deku-Shrub .

    He did not hacked the site, he is one of the admins and owners.

    He took an older version of database, decrypted it, exported it to text, and edited it in notepad to remove completed orders and to add messages to make it look it was a scam.

    He released this database to public as being hacked, to show several things
    that there are real customers on there who sent money, in order for more gang members to register on service
    that there are real gang members doing beatings and car burns, he published videos with dedication to his site, so that customers can come and order at least beating

    He claims the site is fake to keep the FBI and law enforcement away from the site, because they don’t bother expensive investigations with scams

    Chris Monteiro knows that a murder for hire service on deep web must be regarded as a scam by public and FBI in order to survive, or else it would be closed within less than a month and he would get a long punisment

    However he knows that no visitor from Internet would just send tens of thousands of dollars to some unknown hitmen site, so he doesn’t care saying is scam, this is not affecting his business

    Because even if public would think is not a scam, no one from internet is confortable enouch with sending tens of dollars to some unknown site.

    The site is based on refferals, meaning customers of completed orders reffer their known people to the site

    You saying the site is a scam proves you are just a mindless puppet of Chris Monteiro, and that you take everything some deep web researcher tells you without doing any thinking for yourself

    I am obset that they say I am also involved in the site, some articles like


    Many users discussed on reddit the posibility that me and Chris are owning the site, and desguise it as a scam so that FBI and police would leave it alone and not approve expensive and intensive investigation on the site

    They claim the site has everything needed to be a succesful operational crime marketplace: customers who pay, with transactions on block chain, gang members who register to provide services as beating, car burns and murder, they provided videos to prove that there are desperate gang members taking orders from besa admins and from customers, and a working internal messaging system that enables the customers on the besa mafia site talk with gang members on the site, to arrange their jobs

    Several users speculate that the controversial Besa Mafia site could be publically desguised as a Scam to keep law enforcement off, because if it would be recognized as real, an very expensive and intensive investigation would be done that would give the site owners a hard punishment

    However if the site is considered to be a scam by the general unknowing public and by the FBI, the law enforcement would not bother with the site and they would not approve expensive investigations to close it down

    This way the site could be online a long time

    The Besa mafia site is working only on refferals, meaning that they rely on happy customers reffering the site to their friends to do murders and beatings, just as in the real world, because no visitor from Internet would be crazy enouch to send tens of thusands of dollars as money to some unknown hitmen service online without actually knowing some real person in real life who they trust and who was succesful with them

    Because they don’t target the general visitors from internet, they can safely claim their site is a scam to keep it off radar of law enforcement agencies

    Chris Monteiro is an experienced programmer but he made some mistakes, he did similar logical schemes on both the besa mafia site showing customer paying, and on his blog showing how the scam is supposed to work

    He also shared publicy videos of car burned with a dedication to him, he claimed it was threats but if it was a threat then the besa mafia could locate him in london under his name and burn his real car or write on the message that it was a threat to him

    So how come gang members on Besa Mafia burn cars and dedicate it to Chris Monteiro site Pirate London, but they don’t burn his car?

    If a Besa mafia admin could get some gang members who registered on the site burn cars, they could get them to burn Chris Monteiro car if he was really an ennemy

    This clearly proves that Chris Monteiro is owning the site and that the car burns were really dedicated to him and not threat

    By figthing off the site on their own personal blogs they hope to build an alibi to say that they are against the site and don’t have any connection to it, but the question remains why no other old deep web specialists fight the site?

    Chris even says he has refused a bribe of over $5000 from Besa Mafia who asked him to remove his article, really?

    Any other normal person would have taken the $5000 from Besa Mafia and then cheateed them; but he claim he din’t.

    My quess is that he never got any offer from Besa Mafia, because he owns it

    I have made it clear on my blog that database leack was fake and an edited version of some partial database, and that Besa Mafia is real and should be closed down


    The database leack is clearly fake because has several messages that are not right, including some message from some customer who says ‘I am anonymous but this is my wife, name, address etc, kill her’ .. why would anyone specify it’s his wife? Couldn’t just give the name, address and picture and not say if wife sister mother or something else?

    Also, other messages in database include the ones to the so claimed FBI account, like FBI humiliates itself to make some account on Besa Mafia to beg for info from admins, they only get one single information about a customer

    If FBI fights a site, they hack it and close it down, they don’t make accounts to beg admins for info, how do they know if information is real or if the admins just make fun of them?

    The site was never hacked and real database is probably encrypted, the released database is a partial version of the junk users of besa mafia, those who remained pending approval, with many fake messages to make it look as a scam so the site flies low under the radar and makes money for its admins

  2. so where to look if you want to find scaring a crazy ex wife away without actually killing her.. like scare the crap.. my crazy ex is a narc, bpd and wont stop hoovering me ugh.

  3. ps 7 years of torture and scaring away workmates, family friend, love of my life gf. she cant keep doing it. help!

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