Exposed: Mariana’s Web Scam on Tor!


Good morning, readers!  How is everyone?  (Or as I say to my Italian fans, “Buongiorno, lettori! Come stanno tutti?”)

Since I recently branched out into the “business” of exposing scams on Tor and other networks, I thought I should share another one that I came across recently.

In my earlier post A Blog About So-Called Mariana’s Web?, I speculated about the possible existence of a network called Mariana’s Web (although my suspicion is that it doesn’t really exist).  It’s an enjoyable blog to read, but some of it has the feel of a sci-fi novel.

The creator of the site that I found the other day entitled it Your only chance to ACCESS the Marianas Web, and it looks very similar to the Shadow Web sites that I had written about on other posts.


Here are the sites that went by the name of “Shadow Web” or “Gateway to the Shadow Web”:

I could’ve made this page in about 5 minutes.
Ooh, now they’re using creepy graphics!
And now they’ve added a big yellow logo at the top!

Are you sensing a theme here yet? Not only do these sites look similar, but several of the bitcoin addresses use the Satoshibox site for sending bitcoins, which seems suspicious to me:


I’ve heard of other scammers using the same service for payment as well.  Although there’s no way to know for certain, it isn’t a good sign when there are three or four sites advertising what is essentially the same thing with different graphics.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t legitimate reasons for using Satoshibox, but it’s rare that I come across people using that specific site on the dark web, with the exception of this “Shadow Web” crap.

Granted, they do use different BTC addresses, but if it is the same scammer, then he or she is probably just using multiple addresses to appear as different individuals.  In the previous post, where I had looked at the “dark web ponzis” on Tor, it looked as though the same individual was using a number of different BTC addresses as well – but the sites looked so similar that it was obvious that the same person was running them.

A few of the “Shadow Web” sites even featured the same email address as the contact email, which is why I suspect that it’s just the same person that I talked to in Dark Web Sites That *Claim* To Be Red Rooms. He’s even posted on several Tor forums advertising his site, which makes me think he was getting desperate for money.

My point is that it looks as though someone (possibly the same person in all cases) is simply trying to profit off of a popular urban legend and creepypasta.

I’ve said it before, but “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  This applies to the dark web as well – in fact, it especially applies to the dark web!

If you really want to, you can shell out the money to access the “Mariana’s Web,” but I DON’T recommend it, because I know that several people have been scammed by the “shadow web” sites.  If it’s the same person running them, then you’re SOL.

In any case, have fun on the dark web.  Keep your cash close, and your bitcoins closer!



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