Silk Road 3: Still Operating (For Now)

This post is for informational and entertainment purposes only.  I am neither advocating nor condemning the use of illicit substances. (In spite of how it may look.)


With all the other darknet markets as competition and the first two iterations of the “Silk Road” shut down, you would think the Silk Road name would be dead.  Nonetheless, at this moment, there is still a darknet market going by the name of Silk Road 3.0 (though it originally went by a different name).

Deepdotweb, on their page Silk Road 3, had this to say about it:

Since the take down of Silk Road 2 every market using the Silk Road name such as Silk Road 3 & Silk Road Reloaded were banned from being listed on DeepDotWeb, under the assumption that they are all scams waiting to happen & that the only reason a dark net market operator would have for naming his or her site after Silk Road is to create a false sense of credibility to attract inexperienced users and steal their money.

Now, due to the experience we have from the last couple of years, the general assumption is that ALL markets will eventually exit scam, like we have seen with many other “trusted” markets, while SR3 is still online. So we found no reason to continue and prevent its listing on this site, especially because the only ones who profited from this ban are phishers who published fake urls of Silk Road 3 intended to fool users into depositing and losing their money.

We still believe that the Silk Road Brand is Dead. This market is not related to original Silk Road in any way. And this will most likely be the last iteration of Silk Road to get listed here, but should not be considered as any worse than any other market.

I find it very telling that they say “the general assumption is that ALL markets will eventually exit scam.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, an exit scam is basically when the owner of a darknet market is planning to shut the business down, but keeps the site up as if it were still in operation.  She’ll also continue to take customers’ money as usual. Unfortunately for the buyers, they never receive the drugs (or other goods) they paid for, and that’s the last they’ll ever see of those bitcoins!


Is this the case with Silk Road 3.0?  Quite possibly, but I don’t have any insider information that I can share with you.

As for the quality of the market itself, it functions very much like other darknet markets. You sign up with a username, passphrase, and PIN. you also have to complete a CAPTCHA, which is so commonplace nowadays that it should look familiar.

Silk Road 3.0 is a traditional escrow market, meaning that your bitcoins will be held in escrow until both parties agree that the obligations of the transaction have been fulfilled.

So yes, I’ve been to the site (ooooohhhh…dangerous!!), and for the most part, I find it very easy to use and navigate. As with the other markets, of course, I haven’t actually tried the drugs themselves – for that, my dear readers, you’ll have to take the risk and shop on the site.  If you do, perhaps you can let me know what your experience is.  (Anonymously, of course!)


This clearnet site, Silk Road Drugs: Guide On How To Access The Silk Road 3.0, goes into further detail about how to sign up for and use the market, if you’re having trouble.

What I have noticed is that often various buyers will have varied experiences on the same market.  This may be because a few of the vendors on a market were unreliable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire market is a scam.

You’ve heard all the warnings; if you still want to try it, it’s up to you.

So, as I like to say – have fun…and stay trippy.






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