Writing for Deepdotweb (Shameless Plug!)



by Ciphas

OK, if my readers haven’t figured this out already – I’ve been writing for Deepdotweb, who, even before I started this blog, were one of my favorite resources to go to regarding the deep web/dark web.

Recently, I finally got up the nerve to start submitting my work there, and – lo and behold – they like it! I write under the name “Ciphas” there, so I might as well make that my byline on here as well. If you’re interested, here are a few of the articles I’ve published recently:

6 More Linux Distros for the Truly Paranoid

A Noob’s Guide to Mesh Networking

6 SSH Clients for Dark Web Explorers

Cool, huh? I’ll have some more coming out very soon. In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of research, and spending just a bit more time on the dark web. I must say, I’ve been scarred for life.

I also recently wrote a guest post on Tools4hackers, entitled Secrets of the Dark – Resisting Censorship Freenet. I plan on writing a few more articles for them, too.

This is definitely a fun process, and I’m on the hunt for another article idea or two as I write this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My official “darknet writing email” is ciphas@protonmail.com.

Feel free to email me about anything I should check out (whether scam, genuine, or otherwise). I just might turn your suggestion into an article!


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Have you heard of the dark web? Simply put, it's the "hidden internet" built on networks like Tor. "Secrets of the Dark" chronicles my dark web experiences, but is also aimed at demythologizing it and teaching about it. Want to reproduce one of the "horror stories"? Contact me at ciphas@protonmail.com.

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