Writing for Deepdotweb (Shameless Plug!)



by Ciphas

OK, if my readers haven’t figured this out already – I’ve been writing for Deepdotweb, who, even before I started this blog, were one of my favorite resources to go to regarding the deep web/dark web.

Recently, I finally got up the nerve to start submitting my work there, and – lo and behold – they like it! I write under the name “Ciphas” there, so I might as well make that my byline on here as well. If you’re interested, here are a few of the articles I’ve published recently:

6 More Linux Distros for the Truly Paranoid

A Noob’s Guide to Mesh Networking

6 SSH Clients for Dark Web Explorers

Cool, huh? I’ll have some more coming out very soon. In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of research, and spending just a bit more time on the dark web. I must say, I’ve been scarred for life.

I also recently wrote a guest post on Tools4hackers, entitled Secrets of the Dark – Resisting Censorship Freenet. I plan on writing a few more articles for them, too.

This is definitely a fun process, and I’m on the hunt for another article idea or two as I write this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My official “darknet writing email” is ciphas@protonmail.com.

Feel free to email me about anything I should check out (whether scam, genuine, or otherwise). I just might turn your suggestion into an article!



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