Away Glitch Swan


8 thoughts on “b9f1551eb7c99214743f5563e5564013d3dd6dc6df5e79ce13cf323109b4e56aa919385db9f5d5f31dbaf30eae91102289abe7fbdab9cb086f0207a27a0a2c88”

      1. Yeah sure please do, i’ve only just recently moved it to linux and can’t believe the speed it’s searching at.
        I’ll have to improve it abit later.
        Thanks in advance.

  1. Btw the trick I use when comparing search speed is typing
    a common word like “and” since it’s included on almost all pages.
    Try it from candle.

  2. I’ve just fixed a bug that would cause cron to fail.
    I’ve also added opensearch and auto complete in the search bar.
    But the autocomplete feauture is mostly of on tor privacy settings.
    Also alded seperator to the paging links,I don’t expect anymore downtime.

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