What are Some AlphaBay Alternatives?

For those of you who were regular customers on AlphaBay Market, if everything is as it appears, AlphaBay is indeed gone for good.

So, if you’re curious as to where to turn next, there are some great articles (and other sites) you can look to for alternatives.

DeepDotWeb, which is one of my favorite news outlets for the dark web, featured an article today entitled Alphabay Death: Wondering which market is headed to the top? Here is some insider info!

The author gathered data from the site’s “Dark Net Markets Comparison Chart”, which, in real time, lists the up/down statuses of all the major markets:


Besides just listing their online statuses, the chart also has the URLs of each market, whether or not they allow open registration, whether or not they allow multisig, and other factors, such as whether or not they have 2FA (two-factor authentication).

DeepDotWeb also predicted, via some analytics, which market may be the next big one – and the answer may surprise you. Based on their table, it appears to be RAMP (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)!


While RAMP is not an English-language marketplace (and doesn’t have that option), they do have an excellent reputation, and some anti-scam methods in place. Good work, RAMP!!

If you want an alternative site to use as a comparison, I’ve mentioned DNStats in an earlier post. Like DeepDotWeb’s chart, they list the online statuses of the major markets, as well as some vendor shops (independent shops set up by successful vendors) and forums.


Just bear in mind – any business you do on the dark web carries a risk factor, so protect your identity, and keep yourself informed! Happy tripping.


2 thoughts on “What are Some AlphaBay Alternatives?”

  1. This is just sick and morally wrong in every way possible. I know there is freedom of speech and all that. But to knowingly sell deadly drugs on any website wheather regular or whatever dark web is is just wrong. Knowing how many people are dying in our country it is unbelievable that any human being can consider it ok to sell this crap. I am definitely looking into this and need to find a way to educate my community which is a gay community and many depressed kids just coming out have chosen to take their lives. And any sick site like these should be held responsible

    1. I’m sorry that you feel that way. I don’t run the sites myself, I’m just reporting on them. I know that the drugs have deadly consequences, but on the other hand, people will do these things, whether on the internet or not. If it helps to educate your community, let them know that these things exist and what’s happening. But it’s a personal choice if someone wants to do the drugs.

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