NewPipe: A Decentralized YouTube and More

In truth, the purpose of the dark web is really anonymity (hence the word “dark”). Of course, with all of the sensational reporting about it, you wouldn’t think this is the case.

This is what has kept me interested in it, two years later. In the same vein, I’ve become fascinated with other decentralized apps as well.

Like many of you, I enjoy music and film, and of course I love watching YouTube. One of its downsides, of course, is that it has copious ads, and the number of ads seems to have increased as of late. This may be because YouTube is pushing for people to subscribe to their YouTube Red streaming service (and more recently, YouTube TV) – both of which are paid services.



If you can afford them, that’s great, but at the moment, that’s not an option for me, which is why I decided to check out NewPipe, a YouTube frontend that is intended to be used without the proprietary YouTube API or Google Play’s proprietary media services.

Essentially, it looks like a stripped-down version of YouTube, and can play the same videos, but without all the ads and tracking. Its interface looks like this:


In case you’re wondering – no, that’s not my screenshot, although I don’t mind some Die Antwoord once in awhile. Like YouTube, NewPipe has a search function at the top, as well as autosuggest.

Also, like YouTube, it allows you to subscribe to channels and make playlists. Plus, on NewPipe you can easily download videos, for which YouTube does not have a function. Previously, when I wanted to do that, I would install some external application (some of which turned out to be rather sketchy in retrospect).

I haven’t played around with it enough yet to see if it has any “secret” functions, but it doesn’t appear to.

On top of all that, NewPipe is open source, which YouTube isn’t. In terms of the whole privacy/safety debate, that gives NewPipe an edge over YouTube. Now, it’s still a fairly new app and I’m sure it has bugs, but as I always say, if you’re a developer, feel free to contribute your knowledge and expertise. Their GitHub repository is here: TemNewPipe/NewPipe.

This is not to say that I’ve quit YouTube altogether, but I have become aware that some of my apps are stalking me, and I wouldn’t having the option to look elsewhere.

Don’t believe me? See what happens next time you Google “sex toys” and then watch YouTube videos.

I guarantee you’ll see an ad for butt plugs – or something along those lines.




6 thoughts on “NewPipe: A Decentralized YouTube and More”

  1. Does that mean NewPipe is essentially a third-party API to access Youtube? Does it depend on youtube allowing it?

  2. Sure..I’ve seen this…much like hooktube…basically still youtube and all its vids but without the heavy baggage..
    There is offcourse the brand new PsychoTube..(http://txhyaef7idw2ved4.onion/) totally non related to youtube, but all tjhe features and independent…i think…just sayen!

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