Officially a Linux Convert!

Yeah, yeah, tease me all you want, but it took me this long to “convert” to Linux. And I know they say you shouldn’t use the dark web without it.

Well, prior to this, I was using Linux distros like Whonix and Qubes; they just weren’t preloaded. I am now using Ubuntu, which is a good start for someone who’s new to Linux.

The GNOME desktop looks something like this (but that isn’t mine):


The tricky part, of course, has been learning the terminal, which is pretty much essential to any Unix-like system – but of course, you have to know what the commands are.

I started with some of the Linux cheat sheets, like this one: 77 Linux commands and utilities you’ll actually use. This one is good too: Learning the Shell Anyhow, that’s getting quite a bit easier with practice.


So I bet your next question is – am I using Tor with it? Of course. Tor seems about the same as it did before, although the interface is a little different. In terms of speed, it’s roughly the same, however. (What did you expect?)

Honestly, I don’t think any OS is invulnerable, so I still have to be careful, but Linux seems to be far less of a target than Windows, or even Mac – am I wrong?

There are also some other programs/apps I’m interested in trying out with it, such as the Netsukuku network, which I mentioned on There Is No Marianas Web, But . . ., or perhaps anoNet. They may not be any big deal, but it would be fun to see if I could get them working.

That’s about it for now. More on this as it develops. Oh, were you guys wanting some links again? OK, sure.

http://3tcowhxvrowwfvgr.onion – Society of the Way

http://bootrguulvqvpj3r.onion – Welcome to Tango Down

http://npd7py37ca3uywdp.onion – All the Darkest Content

There’s a sample for you.



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