.:L:.I:.O:.N:. 777 Part 3: Descending “Deeper”

So this whole puzzle thing has intrigued me lately, more than I thought it would. I decided to take a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole, and see what I could uncover. If you start at 7777777.ga, you’ll see this:


I’ve been chosen to save the world? I’m flattered, really. Maybe I’m the Avatar, or something. Now, it’s worth noting that on most of these sites, there are links at the bottom of the homepage that will take you to other sites, which are supposedly the different “levels.”

The next site is called 13377331.gq, or “Master of the Philosopher Stone.” It, too, contains a series of puzzles (or at least images that appear to be puzzles). For example, there’s a poem at the beginning:

Between the Beehive and Pyramid

X marks the spot.

 The Treasure of GOLD follows.

Be Careful of Pirates ahead.


Once again, I followed it to the end of the site, and sure enough, there was a link: 3301337. Logically, I clicked that. This continued for quite some time, and I don’t know if you want to see all the sites, but I was interested to find out what was at the end of the “path,” so to speak. It was interesting to note that this particular site had some “alien”-related stuff on it (not that I was looking for that). Supposedly it was instructions on how to build a time machine – sounds like the stuff of sci-fi, if you ask me.



Some of the messages were rather amusing, too. One site had a picture of what looked like an A.I. bot, called “Ariana.” I assumed this was a play on the whole “Marianas Web” with an A.I. at the deepest level, or something like that:


Ariana, don’t worry about me – I’m not dangerous! Anyhow, I kept progressing through the so-called “levels,” and eventually got to one called GGGBBBLLL, which looked like this:


The text included these lines:

Since you are becoming such a bright light bulb

I will tell you the rest of the 1337Web is easy to get to

and you are on the home stretch to all the secret info.

Oddly enough, the link to the next “site” appeared to be broken. I don’t know if that was on purpose, or if the creator of these sites just hadn’t finished them yet. Well…what’s the next step then?

Anyhow, Order of Anarchy, thanks for leading me down this wacky rabbit hole. It’s been a fun trip. Is there more to check out?

EDIT: I’m told that there is, in fact! If I “get there,” I’ll write a new post.


4 thoughts on “.:L:.I:.O:.N:. 777 Part 3: Descending “Deeper””

  1. There is more always until the end approximately at 33.3 degrees 😀 You are advancing threw the links quickly and you must use past knowledge of domains used to figure out the errors in front of you. Refer to “hierarchy of anarchy” for more help with LION&&&

      1. You are more than welcome! Thank you very much for covering the puzzle 😀 Things start to get interesting here soon for ya.

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