Atlayo: Another Dark Web Social Network

Early on in my “journey” onto Tor, I had joined some social networks, like Blackbook and Galaxy2. Ever since then, these have fascinated me.

Blackbook, which I’ve mentioned on some recent posts, was the first I ever joined. It was down for quite some time, and its developer(s) relaunched it again not too long ago. Galaxy2 also shut down, soon to be replaced by Galaxy3, which has a similar look and feel.


So what is Atlayo, then? Like the other two, it’s a social media site on Tor (though Atlayo has a clearnet mirror), which emphasizes free speech and anonymity. Its Tor URL is atlayofke5rqhsma.onion, or on the clearnet (I’m not sure which came first).

As you can see, its UI looks a lot like Facebook’s, which isn’t uncommon with these Tor social networks. Like Facebook, it has a chat feature, groups, pages, etc. The main difference is that most people don’t use their real names (with a few exceptions), and people’s interests seem to center around certain things: hacking, coding, anarchy, and sometimes things like self-harm.

Or there’s perfectly innocuous stuff too, like Linux (yeah, seriously, it is “innocuous”).


I’ve only spent a brief amount of time on it, but in essence, it seems very similar to the other dark web social networks (with the notable exception of Psycho Social Network). It may be that it doesn’t have a lot of members yet, so I’d encourage you to join, if this interests you!

It’s worth noting that Atlayo also has its own search engine, at xvwhmrw3sgwwmkko.onion. However, one of the disturbing things about it is that it lists popular searches done by others, and let’s just say that some of them may make your jaw drop. Well, it’s Tor; what did I expect?

I’m not responsible for the searches done by others. I will say that searching for the term “deep web,” however, gets you quite a few results! Interestingly, the Atlayo search engine will also, on occasion, come up with clearnet links as well as .onion links. This differentiates it from some of the other Tor search engines.

So I suggest dropping by and checking it out (as long as shocking search results don’t bother you). Maybe I’ve become a little jaded with the dark web – perish the thought!



3 thoughts on “Atlayo: Another Dark Web Social Network”

  1. First came the Onion version.
    Search Engine> Before I add any lines, if this INDEX performed as well as FreshOnions it was the perfect search engine.

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