Request for Dark Web Videos?

Someone in my comments section recently asked about dark web videos, and I’ve had to give this some thought.

A number of horror-themed YouTube channels have featured what they refer to as “deep web videos,” but contrary to popular belief, most of them are not from the dark web or deep web. Here’s a typical example:

I’ve seen some of these videos before, and they’re either from YouTube, horror movies or other such mundane sources. Now, Mr. Nightmare did a video called “6 Weird & Disturbing Videos you can find on the Deep Web,” and while some of them weren’t really from there, at least two were. (EDIT: It appears that his video is no longer up.)

The two exceptions I speak of are the notorious Daisy’s Destruction video and crush videos, which depict animals being crushed by women in high heels for sexual arousal. Of course, Mr. Nightmare didn’t actually show footage of those last two examples, because 1. they’re illegal and 2. they’re disgusting, in my opinion.

I have had a lot of people ask me about where to find the former, which is odd, considering that it’s CP, and if you were found to be in possession of it, you could go to prison. Maybe they don’t think of this when they ask the question!

In addition, there’s another video on YouTube which the uploader claimed was from the “deep web,” entitled “Deep Web Video Farm”:

If I’m not mistaken, this is a reference to the horror story NSFW farm.avi on the r/nosleep subreddit. Somehow, I doubt that the video above is the actual one from the story, creepy as it may be.

That being said, I do still think that there are videos on Tor (as well as other darknets, like I2P and Freenet). There was one non-illegal video I came across quite a while ago, which seemed to be some sort of art project; I vaguely remember it had two people dancing in it.

It wasn’t the sort of media that people tend to expect from the dark web; I can tell you that much.

One of the creepier sites I’ve come across didn’t have a “video” per se, but rather what looked like an animated GIF of a girl in a white dress walking in darkness. The actual link is: http://b2xm6w4eua5tpanu.onion.


As you can see, beneath the picture is this text: “Listen. Why Vicent?” I have no other information on this site, so if anyone can fill me in, feel free to.

There’s also a site called TorTube, but last I checked, all the videos on it could be found on YouTube as well (so what’s the point?). The only advantage I can think of is that YouTube collects data on your preferences, whereas I don’t believe TorTube does.


Now, before you go telling me that I just didn’t look hard enough, there were a few sites that came up in my search that I refuse to share here, because they were just too sick. If you want to go looking for that sort of thing, either ask around in the Tor chat rooms, or do your own search.

It’s not as difficult to find messed up things as you may think.

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