f-Society: Hackers’ Social Network?

Alright, technically this site isn’t on the “dark web,” but that’s how I came across it.

I had clicked on the Atlayo Search Engine, and to my surprise, it had been hacked:


If you go by what the picture says, the person (or people) responsible were 7ulzSec – well, I guess that’s pretty obvious, huh? I had thought that the original LulzSec group had disbanded, so maybe this is an offshoot (or just someone who liked the name).

As to why they hacked this particular search engine, I have some idea. Besides the fact that it was vulnerable, it was quite easy to find CP on it, according to its “most popular search results,” which were listed on the front page. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone on the dark web approves of that (me included).

Anyhow, from this “hacked” page, I discovered f-Society, which looks like a Facebook for hackers, coders, etc. The site is at https://f-society.me; as far as I know, they don’t yet have an onion site. Oh, how did you know I was a Mr. Robot fan?


At any rate, like Blackbook, Mona, and some others, f-Society also uses a similar format to Facebook. You can send friend requests, write on people’s “walls,” make pages and groups, etc. Of course, like the aforementioned sites, most people don’t use their real names or photos, although it appears that a few people do – these could be fake, however.

The reason I say that is that from past experience, I’ve had people contact me using what appeared to be real photos, and it turned out they were either stock photos or even photos of celebrities. (These were scammers, however.)


Most of the groups I’ve seen on the site thus far are hacking/security related – not that surprising. Awhile ago, someone suggested a file sharing function on his profile; actually, that would be cool!

Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to write more about P2P networks that are good for filesharing (specifically ZeroNet and I2P), but have been focused on other projects. It’s in the works.

So, if you’re someone who’s into hacking, or are just looking for another alternative social network, stop by f-Society. I’m sure they’d love to have you.





6 thoughts on “f-Society: Hackers’ Social Network?”

      1. Search engine is up. But there is a lot of old links, so it will need to be updated.

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