Psycho Social Network: New and Improved!

One of my favorite dark web social networks, Psycho Social Network, recently had a major upgrade – and it looks pretty cool! If you need the link again, here: http://psycnets7z6tvpa.onion


Yeah, yeah, I know that’s not quite the kind of photo you’d expect from a site called “Psycho Social Network.” Well, trust me, there’s plenty of gore and nudity to go around. (I generally try to keep this blog PG or PG-13 at most, because I never know who might view it.)

In case you were wondering, yes, I’m “psychouste” on there – my avatar is Ed Kemper. No, I’m not actually a serial killer, but they do fascinate me. (Oh, and yes, you’d better believe I binge watched Mindhunter.) If we happen to meet on there, I’m always looking to make new friends!


Above are some of the groups on Psycho Social Network, including “Gore & Torture,” “Foro Porno,” and “Murder in the Thirst,” which I may have mentioned on one of my previous posts about this site. See? I told you there was interesting stuff!

Anyhow, I think that this site fits the theme of what a lot of people expect from the “dark web,” probably because they’ve heard too many horror stories and are imagining it to be the worst of the worst.

The only thing that isn’t allowed, to my knowledge, is CP (and maybe scams too). There are probably other “social networks” for that, as much as I hate to admit it.

So how is this site different from the other social networks? Well, it doesn’t look like Facebook, for one! Two, it definitely draws from the darker side of things.

I just like that there’s a place for all of us psychos to congregate. Feel free to join us!




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