Not Marianas Web Again! *Facepalm*

One of the persistent “deep web” myths that I’ve tried to debunk, since writing this blog, is the so-called “Marianas Web” (or is it “Mariana’s Web”?). And I know I’ll never convince everyone about this, so why try?

Well, because it’s fun! I was chatting with someone earlier today, and he said that “[Marianas Web] has been proven.” Proven? So then, where’s the proof?

I’ve shared the so-called “deep web levels” infographic with you all before, so let me just slap it on here again, for the hell of it:


Honestly, is this your “proof” of its existence? Because that’s pretty damn flimsy. Unfortunately, myths have a way of sticking around, and because the deep web levels thing is very romanticized and mysterious sounding, I can see why people would want to believe in it. It’s much like Atlantis or El Dorado, or the idea of a flat Earth (don’t get me started on that!).

If you actually read the details of what’s written on the different “levels,” very little of it makes sense. For instance, there’s no such thing as a “closed shell system,” or “Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors (GGGQEP).” Of course, for the people who do believe this to be accurate, many haven’t actually ventured onto the so-called “dark web” in the first place.

The actual “dark web,” as I’ve talked about frequently, consists of various networks, including Tor, I2P, Freenet, ZeroNet, GNUnet, and others. I’ve used all of these at some point, and while they’re interesting, they’re nowhere near as mysterious as the misinfographic makes them out to be.

Most of you know Tor by now, I assume. The other networks simply require you to download the software and run it, and on occasion, modify your proxy settings or change configurations in the included files.


There are a few I haven’t used as well, like Marabunta and some of the P2P networks, but usually when I get to check them out, they’re not all that strange or creepy.


For example, there’s a network called Freifunk (“free radio”), based in Germany, that is a decentralized wireless network. I’ve used it, and to be honest, the coolest thing about it was that you could have “internet” connection in areas where your ISP’s connection was iffy.


All that being said, if you still want to prove me wrong, then please – tell me where I find this mysterious “Marianas Web.” I’m waiting…


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