Hidden Top-Level Domains? (Ooooohhhh!)

A reader asked me about one of my posts from 2016 regarding “hidden TLDs,” i.e. top-level domain names. I think this may have been the post he was referring to: No, That Doesn’t Exist (Really!)

If you haven’t read it, I was referencing a now-deleted post on the site Ghostbin, which had a list of supposed “.clos” and “.loky” links, which I’m certain are fictitious. The original post isn’t there anymore, but there’s a similar one here: https://pastebin.com/ijzDHLwQ

Whoever’s doing these posts is either a troll or a scammer, because there are no “.clos” or “.loky” links.


I’m not sure how they came up with the “.loky” thing (a reference to Loki, I suppose?), but the “.clos” domain is a reference to the whole “closed shell system” idea from that stupid ocean levels infographic.

Never fear, though – there are some newer TLDs that you may not know about! In an earlier post I briefly mentioned the decentralized DNS called the OpenNIC Project. If you’re curious about checking that out, it does have some unusual domain names, like .bbs, .chan, .dyn, .fur, .gopher, .libre, .neo, .parody, and .pirate!

One of the cool sites on this DNS is a search engine called grep.geek, which is like their version of Google, more or less.


Pretty simple, right? I’ve done some exploring with it, but as with Tor, many of its sites are down. In fact, I’d venture to say that OpenNIC has more sites that are down that Tor does. The way I access it is through a browser extension called Blockchain DNS, which you can download from blockchain-dns.info.

On that same site is an “explorer,” which lists many (or perhaps all) of the BDNS sites. These use unofficial TLDs through Namecoin, Emercoin, and OpenNIC.


Good luck finding some that are online, though! Often, I would get this:


It reminded me of going through the list of sites on All Onion Services; there are countless sites, but very few of them are online. Either that, or they’re only accessible with the proper authorization. Here and there, I found some that were online, and they included forums, personal sites, and chans (similar to 4chan).


Of course, you can access endchan without OpenNIC, too – this is just the mirror site on that network. As for any other little-known TLDs, I’m not sure if there are any. On the site shadowlife.bit they mention that they have their own darknet called the Cryptogroup Darknet (CG Darknet for short). The same site is also available on Tor and I2P.

The domain name they use is .cryptogroup, although the only site I know of on it is their official one, anarplex.cryptogroup. This one, unfortunately, I don’t have access to, and from what I gather, you have to get a (paid) membership with their crypto-anarchist group in order to use the related software. Oh well…

Other than that, you also have networks like Freenet, whose sites have names like this:,lo9v6O3xGhMHX-dh5UZFGd92Rsvv~fIFRYxGZ1VeKpQ,AQACAAE/minecraft-freenet-portal/7/

Anyhow, readers, I hope you get the chance to check out Blockchain DNS, OpenNIC, or some of these other alternative networks I’ve mentioned.

Maybe I’ll even make a secretsofthedark.pirate soon!

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