Interview with DrBundy, Hitman Site Operator

On the dark web, or more specifically, Tor, “hitman” sites are a dime a dozen. I had assumed that most were scams, based on both my experience and revelations about sites like Besa Mafia.

Nonetheless, when someone gave me the opportunity to interview a person who runs one of these sites, I couldn’t resist. The person in question is DrBundy, who runs a crowdfunded assassination site called DrBundy’s network. What I found a bit different about his site (as opposed to its competitors) is that they claim to target pedophiles, who, even on the dark web, are at the low end of the totem pole. Also, the profile pic he sometimes uses looks similar to this:


I say that gets him cool points. Anyhow, I chatted with DrBundy recently, and got a few insights into running such a site.

Secrets of the Dark: Do you have an official website for your business? If so, what’s the onion link?

DrBundy: Yes, it is here, http://drbundyscn6tebow.onion/

SotD: What are some methods you might use to knock someone off?

DB: Preferably a gun. almost always a gun.

SotD: Are you a legitimate assassin? Many of the “hitman” sites on Tor have turned out to be fake.

DB: I have never been an assassin, or a hitman. These days I’m just the go-between and escrow for the clients and hitmen/women who are looking for work.

SotD: In relation to that, what is your opinion of other hitman sites on Tor, like Dark Mamba?

DB: In general, if they offer dumb things like torture and assault, it’s probably a scam.

SotD: Do you offer other services besides hits? For example, could you have someone beaten up, but not killed?

DB: No, “Dead men tell no tales”. I don’t want any of my hitmen compromised or caught because they went to “beat someone up” for a few dollars. We are not thugs.

SotD: What form of payment would you accept for transactions? For instance, bitcoin has sometimes been traced back to the person who did the transaction. Is there another one you might use?

DB: No, Our money guy takes care of the tracking issues. His job is solely to play with bitcoins and do whatever it is a money guy does before it’s split up and sent out to the respective parties (I.E. the hitman) when the job is completed.

SotD: Operating a service like this would require some technical knowledge as well. Do you manage it all yourself, or do you have a partner who handles the technical side?

DB: I have partners who handle almost every aspect of the service. Its designed so even if one of us goes down, we can continue the service with little to no interuption like when our tech guy went down and our site was down for awhile. We still contiued on, but we had no site for about a month while we rebuilt it.

SotD: I have heard through the grapevine that your service is very active. Without naming names, has it been successful so far?

DB: Yes, [but] we’ve been struggling to keep up lately.

SotD: How long have you been in this business, and when did you start using the dark web for it?

DB: The business side is a recent thing; it came around about the same time I became active on the dark [web]. In the past, I simply hunted pedos out of hate and disgust. This simply funds that.

SotD: Because part of your business has to operate offline, how do you maintain your anonymity?

DB: My side of the business operates solely online.

SotD: Where did you learn the skills that you need for this job? (For example, the military or a street gang.)

DB: Trial and error. Nothing says failure like a broken jaw and a gunshot wound from your own gun.

SotD: How can you guarantee that you would go through with a hit? For example, do you take a down payment, and then the customer pays the rest after it’s been carried out?

DB: I don’t carry out the hits. We are simply a network, if one man fails for whatever reason, we simply send another. If for some reason, we are just failing to complete the job, we will issue a refund. We have a reputation to build and maintain.

SotD: Are you the best assassin on the dark web? It looks like you have a lot of competition.

DB: Who knows?  But I do know that most are fake.

SotD: I like the idea that you have a “Save-a-Child Foundation” on your site (i.e. stopping pedophiles). Has this been a successful point of business for you?

DB: The business is based around the Save-a-Child Foundation. It was the reason I got into it. I could care less if people hire us to kill their ex-husband or wife; my main purpose in life is to kill pedophiles.

SotD: What else would you be willing to tell people about yourself?

DB: My name is not really Dr. Bundy.

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