Did Captain Kutchie Stop By?

For those of you who read my post I Tried Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime Pies!, there’s been an interesting development. On that same post, there are two comments, which I at first thought were spam, but I’m not so sure.

They appear to have been written in ciphertext, but I have no idea what algorithm they’re using, if that’s the case.


As people like Elder’s Vault and Nightmare Expo have mentioned on their videos, “Captain Kutchie” often leaves comments on random sites and articles. What also tends to happen is that sometimes the commenters reply to each other, as if in conversation. That’s what seems to have happened here, except that for the first time I’m aware of, the comments are written in code.

The first comment, from someone named “sUmpybUdv,” reads “tWOisjjWhk PuWXEYkZlX TUdAdIFjKC rzYLfPULJW FsBRftDMsw jqOlRJlwgs rddhwwfnva SMbBILFtzI JQYUtYnpWm HvRXmHGhoL.”

The reply, from “rAtlebAjfs,” reads “xIdhjsKUgh OruttExsad FjnkjnIcIv rudFgjklkk KIjzifKugH.”

Interestingly, under the info for the first user, it says that their email address is “ljjyit@snepzn.com,” which is probably a spoofed email. Also, the first commenter lists their website as ixzuffja.com, which doesn’t appear to exist. The IP address of the first commenter reads “,” while the address of the second reads “”.

I attempted to look up these IP addresses using the WHOIS IP Lookup Tool, and this was the result I got:


Access denied?! Oh well. So, is this person just a spammer, or are they trying to tell me something? I would have assumed the former, but the fact that it was on the Captain Kutchie post makes me curious.

In the meantime, please enjoy your key lime pie – and tell Mrs. Anita Pelaez that I said hello.


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