Red Triangle: Unsolved Parts!

So, rather than just repeat everything from the Red Triangle puzzle that’s already been solved, I thought it might be fun to analyze the parts that are yet unsolved! (At least by the community, that is.)

Referring to the wiki again, the most recent piece that’s been solved is called Lust, which is at http://hvdnczxro3ssxkau.onion. On that page is this image:


Go back to where you came from.
Go back to where it began.
Go home my child.
To where it is safe.

 I would go back to where I came from, but I’m not sure where that is.

On this same page is a file called “Cake.rar,” at the link http://hvdnczxro3ssxkau.onion/Cake.rar (Note: if “.onion” doesn’t work, try “”; just make sure you’re using the Tor Browser.)

I haven’t tried this yet, but if you combine the characters from the various pages on the link above, it gets you the next onion link.

Anyhow, the following pieces of the puzzle are still unsolved (at the time of this writing, anyway):

  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Wrath

Gluttony is at this link: http://xvp2vy5iwzmeam5e.onion

It consists of this image:


According to the wiki (yes, I cheated again), ROT-17 and Base64 decode the top string, while ROT-23 and Base64 decode the bottom string. The others haven’t yet been figured out (at least not by the group of solvers).

The red text at the bottom of the page still hasn’t been solved, either. Anyone care to take a crack at it?

Greed is at this link: http://no327mkyg2mmflx3.onion


As you can see from the image above, it consists of that spiral, with the accompanying message:

Stare into my Eyes, what do you see

Greedy Greedy Greedy children receive nothing.



On this site are three other pages with additional parts to the puzzle:




These pages each have more encoded messages. Here’s an image of Sunshine, for the curious:


Obviously, the text on the top and bottom is in Cyrillic, though I’m not positive what language it is. And the text in the center is Hebrew, but I haven’t had a chance to translate it yet.

Also, clearly the symbols on the left are significant as well, but they don’t look familiar at the moment. Help me out here, puzzle solvers!

Page 3, “Raindrops,” has this message:


This page has a sequence of numbers (a Pascal’s Triangle):


1 1

1 4 1

1 9 9 1

1  16  36  16  1

1 25 100 100 25 1

149 441 1225 1225 441 49 1

1 64 784 3136 4900 3136 84 64 1

1 81 1296 7056 15876 15876 7056 1296 81 1

As to how the Pascal’s Triangle leads to the next clue, I’m not positive – the sequence of numbers is usually significant, and there may be another pattern I haven’t figured out yet!

Finally, page 4 is called “Pi,” and looks like this:


Hmm…that sequence of letters looks familiar, doesn’t it? If you want the spoiler, go to the wiki. Or you can try and figure it out by yourself.

Anyhow, do you guys and gals think you can solve some of these unsolved riddles? Leave your answers in the comments.


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