Fresh Onions: Mystery Solved!

If you read my previous post, you may know that I was curious about the fact that I was getting traffic from the site Fresh Onions.


I looked into it today, and figured out the “mystery.” What I did was to search the link list, specifically for the URL of this blog, or the name of it. One of the things that came up was someone’s personal site, which also had a list of links.

Among that link list was – lo and behold – a link to the blog. As to the identity of the site’s owner, I’m not sure. I suspect, however, that it’s one of these “puzzle creators” that I’ve previously blogged about, because much of the other information on the site was in somewhat of a puzzle/cryptography format.

Alright, then – mystery solved! Still, I would actually like to set up an onion site, and thankfully, the admin of Psycho Social Network offered to give me a boost in that direction. I appreciate it, bro!

So, expect to see “Secrets of the Dark” on the dark web sometime soon!

I might have to dig a little “deeper” to find things that the people in onionland don’t already know about.

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Have you heard of the dark web? Simply put, it's the "hidden internet" built on networks like Tor. "Secrets of the Dark" chronicles my dark web experiences, but is also aimed at demythologizing it and teaching about it. Want to reproduce one of the "horror stories"? Contact me at

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