I Have An Onion Site! (But Not Much On It Yet.)

Very recently, the admin of Psycho Social Network set up a Tor hidden service for my blog as a favor. Thanks, P5ych0n37! (You know who you are.)

The onion site is located at http://secretsnft5vyssr.onion. At the moment, I admit that it doesn’t look all that spectacular, but I’m working on adding some content over there, and perhaps styling it a bit.

My first question, when I started writing there, was “What can I write that people don’t already know?” I’m sure there’s plenty, however. A lot of people that I encounter on the so-called “dark web” seem unfamiliar with it, as a matter of fact.

On MadIRC, so many people come into the chat and ask, “What is this place?” that the mods finally censored those particular words! What is it? It’s a chat room, FFS!


In the same vein, perhaps I can continue with similar work – that is, debunking and explaining Tor and its darknet brethren (I2P, Freenet, etc.).

Also, since people seem to love links, links, links – I’m sure I could share lots of my favorite links! After all, tons of the onion sites I know are just lists of links anyway.

For example, here’s another red room (wink): http://zaoklnavsgzaxhf4.onion/ – HINT: it’s probably not real. As I always say, though, feel free to spend your money on that if you want.

If it’s gore you’re after, I’d just recommend signing up for the Psycho Social Network, which actually exists, or go to one of the gore sites I mentioned in an earlier post.

Unless you want to brave the Shadow Web…ooohhh!!




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