Not Crashing Your System is Good!

I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver (which is what I was attempting to do when I crashed my system before), and it actually works now! What a concept!

Now, to just get everything working the way it was before. Initially, I was having issues with my mouse. For instance, if I wanted to save a photo, I couldn’t seem to right-click ( which I’ve since solved).

First, I had to install GNOME Tweaks, and then I had to enable the setting “Mouse Click Emulation.” After that, I enabled the “fingers” setting, wherein you right-click with two fingers to emulate a “normal” mouse click. This will still take some getting used to, no doubt!


In fact, I’d recommend the article Top Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver To Make It Your Own from Linux Uprising Blog (not a shameless plug at all!) for additional help.

Some of their other advice includes customizing the Ubuntu Dock, installing Communitheme, and getting more Gnome Shell extensions.

What does this have to do with the dark web? Not a whole lot. In my case, I had to reinstall Tor, as the old version didn’t seem to be working. On the new version, I had to start it from the terminal with the command:


*Waits for Tor to get glitchy* – so far nothing wrong has occurred, but having grown up with computers since the late ’80s (showing my age here), I know that mystery glitches sometimes appear.

Oh good…it works as well. So, Linux users, any other suggestions? What cool features are available?

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