To My Haters!

I should mention that I get the occasional comment saying, “How can you promote this stuff? You’re horrible!” and so on.

I started this blog because I was fascinated with the so-called “dark web” and the idea that there was a part of the internet that I hadn’t yet seen. Also, I admit, I like “dark” and disturbing things, but if you were to meet me in person, you’d probably never guess that I would be the same guy who writes here.

The specific comment that prompted the idea was this one:

Look…I get it – drugs are “bad,” so to speak. Nonetheless, I’m not responsible for people’s choices if they want to take drugs (or not take them). I’m simply writing about what exists out there. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not really a moral crusader, either.

Plus, I’m hardly the only person writing about this sort of thing. All you have to do is Google “darknet market,” and you’ll get tons of results. I could stop writing about this subject altogether, and you’d have plenty of other places where you could find the same information.


One thing that the commenter pointed out, which was very telling, was that “I am definitely looking into this and need to find a way to educate my community which is a gay community and many depressed kids coming out have chosen to take their lives. And any sick site like this should be held responsible.”

I know that it’s easy to blame a website or something else for someone’s suicide, but if a person does that, it’s clear that they’ve been suffering for quite some time, and the drugs (or whatever) happened to be an outlet for their suffering. I say this as someone who has lost friends and relatives to suicide, so I’m not just preaching.

It’s probably best to educate people about what’s out there, but trust them to make their own choices. In my opinion, we need to talk more about these subjects, and not try to cover them up.

That’s the main thing that I’m trying to do here. That’s not a crime, is it?

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