Do Not Ban Me From The Internet, OK?

I happened to be reading Pirates Could Be Banned From The Internet If Music Industry Wins This Lawsuit on Fossbytes this morning, and that really sounds like a scary prospect.

Thankfully, I’m not really one of the people that they’re targeting, although I do sometimes listen to music on YouTube. Does that make me a pirate?

Think about that for a second, though – getting banned from the internet in this day and age is really ridiculous since practically everything requires an internet connection these days – your smartphone, your GPS, and in some cases even your home.

Hell, even your medical services require the internet! To ban someone from using it, in some cases, could even be a death sentence (if that person had a life-threatening emergency). And all that because they downloaded some music/movies illegally? I find this absurd. What do you think, readers?


In a way, this prospect is very similar to the SOPA/PIPA/CISPA legislation that Congress attempted to pass back in 2011 – as you may or may not know, all of these failed to become law. The idea behind them, in essence, was to stop piracy and intellectual property theft on the internet, which, at present, is near-impossible.

What the music industry is doing now is filing lawsuits against ISPs like Grande Communications, whom they are holding responsible for allowing “pirates” to share media such as songs, movies, and music videos.

I still think that banning someone from the internet is a ridiculous extreme. Even if something like this were to pass, what kinds of subtleties would it entail? Does that mean that if you watched a music video on YouTube other than on its official channel, you’re guilty of a crime?

Hmm…maybe this is where networks like I2P, Freenet, GNUnet, and ZeroNet would come in handy. I’m guessing that these types of networks (or something like BitTorrent), where filesharing is popular, is who they are really targeting.


Let’s hope there’s some middle ground here. I understand that the music and film industries are money-making machines and that filesharing, in theory, costs them money. Yet does that mean we have to punish users in such a way?

Please, feel free to comment!


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