Where Is My Dark Web Mystery Box?

If you frequent YouTube at all, you may have noticed that quite a few YouTubers have been buying so-called “deep web/dark web mystery boxes” and making clickbait videos about them.

My take on this is that few, if any, of these “mystery boxes” are actually from the dark web, knowing how much bullshit is on YouTube with regard to this topic. In all likelihood, what people are doing is simply putting some random objects in a box, making it look creepy, and then saying it’s from the dark web. Isn’t that much easier?


Nonetheless, because it’s YouTube, and I’m guessing that the average YouTuber is too scared to go on the dark web, many seem to believe that these videos are real (judging by the comments).

Granted, I have not tried this myself, but on most darknet markets, vendors are very specific about what kinds of goods they’re selling (drugs, paraphernalia, etc.). I have never seen a listing for “mystery box.” In fact, I went onto some of the search engines, and actually searched for this – nothing came up. Why am I not surprised?

Lo and behold, a YouTuber I enjoy watching, Chills (yes, the Burger King Foot Lettuce guy), recently made a video called 10 Scary Dark Web Mystery Box Openings by YouTubers:

The last thing you’d want to order from the dark web is someone’s foot fungass. But as it turns out, that might be what you gæt. OK, I’ll give Chills a break – he’s been really cool about the whole thing.

Anyhow, if there’s any truth to these videos, it’s possible that some of the YouTubers may have received leftover unsold junk from some of the darknet markets – but I doubt that’s the case. It would be much easier to fake this sort of video than to do it for real.

Besides, how much bitcoin would one pay for a “mystery box”? Let’s just give the video creators the benefit of the doubt and say that someone were actually selling them. What if it turned out to be nothing? Total waste of bitcoin/Monero, if you ask me!

What’s your opinion, readers? Any experience with mystery boxes?

If so, please send me one.

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