Is There AI on the Dark Web? (Part 2)

One of the things that people seem to be obsessed with regarding the dark web is the idea that there’s some kind of giant A.I. controlling it, which screams “bullshit” to me.

Nonetheless, because A.I. is one of my many interests, I did go searching on Tor for such a thing.

Now that I think about it, my favorite IRC network, MadIRC, has bots in some of the chat rooms, but that’s nothing new, really. One of these bots is named Chuck Norris, in fact – how appropriate. Why you ask? Because “Chuck Norris makes onions cry.”

As I mentioned on Is There AI on the Dark Web?, there are a couple of chatbots that get a lot of use on Tor, such as Ned, on the not Evil search engine.not-Evil-Deep-Web-Search-Engine-3

Other than the fact that Ned is on the “dark web,” however, there really isn’t that much that’s special about him. He’s quite similar to ALICE, who won the Loebner Prize several years ago.

I checked the site that used to be ALICE’s homepage today, and found that she had been replaced by another bot named Mitsuku:


What do you think? Is she creepy or sexy? I could definitely see Mitsuku fitting in on the dark web. If she doesn’t quite suit the environment, you could code your own version and give her an onion site.

If someone ends up doing this, please tell me – and put the link on The Hidden Wiki. How does that sound, orcaflotta?

Really, this all depends on your definition of “A.I.” Search engines and botnets are also forms of artificial intelligence, but they’re hardly Terminators or even SIRI.

As a matter of fact, I’d heard about an A.I. psychopath named Norman, who would be right at home on the dark web. Supposedly, Norman became this way through “constant exposure to the ‘darkest corners of Reddit.” I’m horrified to think what those are; maybe it’s some of those quarantined subreddits. (Do any of my readers hang out on those? Oh boy.)


According to the article I linked to there, Norman gave some unnerving responses inkblot images, such as “man is shot and dumped from a car,” or “man gets pulled into a dough machine.”

I’m just waiting for him to say “We all go a little mad sometimes.” As of yet, Norman is not on Tor, but I think he should be – he’d be a huge hit…as in hitman.

One other bot that I’d suggest talking to is Sensation Bot, which has some fairly realistic conversation skills. It’s not on the dark web yet, either, but something similar to it would be perfect:


To sum up, I have yet to come across much artificial intelligence on the dark web, but I’m asking all the coders out there (especially those who make bots) to please improve this!

After all, who wouldn’t want to chat with this guy?




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