Do We Need Another Onion Link List?

On my post Fresh Onions: Best Tor Link List?, I had basically praised the site as being one of the best link lists in existence (at the time, anyway).


At present, however, it appears that the site isn’t being maintained much. As I always say, I don’t want to make enemies on the dark web – that’s the last thing anyone should do.

Therefore, some of my IRC buddies and I had talked about creating a new (CP-free) onion link list.  The difficult part is that any onion link list needs upkeep, and unless your main job is keeping up the site, it can be a challenge to juggle that with other responsibilities.

I suppose you could always use The Hidden Wiki, but I don’t trust it – at least not anything that’s financially related.


People tend to think of it as an “introduction” to the dark web, which is fine – but many of its links are scams. Still, if you just want to explore and aren’t concerned with spending money, then don’t worry about it. Like any wiki, the Hidden Wiki can be edited by anyone, and thus anyone can add a link to the list (scam or not). On top of that, Tor is heavily populated with clone sites, so anyone could create a Hidden Wiki clone and fill it with scam sites.

Clones? What clones?

So, then, what would this “new” link list entail? We don’t know yet. As I said, CP-free, but what else? We could attempt to make it scam-free and clone-free as well, meaning that we would try to filter out clone sites and such. That would require a lot of maintenance and teamwork.

On top of that, if people wanted quality links too, I would expect feedback from the community. Of course, what’s “quality” is very subjective. I’ve often been asked if there are sites about things like aliens and alchemy, and frankly, I’m very skeptical about those things.

If you do have any suggestions for this new link list, feel free to tell me in the comments.


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