Hey, What’s With the New Format?

For those of you who noticed a little “change” in the theme here at Secrets of the Dark, I did this for two reasons:

  1. The previous theme was deprecated, and
  2. The previous theme was not mobile-friendly.

It was difficult to find a current theme that had the same “feel” to it, but I think this is about as close as I’ll get. Is this “dark web” enough for you?

Oddly enough, the way it looks now is very similar to what a lot of dark web pages look like – so I suppose I fit right in, eh? Yes, contrary to popular belief, Tor (and its contemporaries, like I2P and Freenet) often have very boring-looking webpages.

I can only imagine what some of the UI/UX blogs would say if they saw the dark web:

Welcome to nginx

What?? That’s what all the fuss is about? (Yeah.) I think that many of the “dark web” pages are more about functionality than design, although if they want more staying power, it couldn’t hurt to have the design aspect down too.

Freenet looks about as plain as Tor does, too:


To be honest, I didn’t go into it expecting that much, so the plain-looking websites weren’t that disappointing. I still don’t entirely know what sorts of websites people expect when they “enter” the dark web. Maybe something like this?


Yeah, probably. I have come across the occasional site like that, but not too often. Maybe, if that’s what people are looking for, I need to start some dark web horror sites. How does that sound?

Besides, Halloween is coming soon…it’d be right on time.

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