Requesting Onion Link Suggestions!

I mentioned in my post Do We Need Another Onion Link List? that some friends of mine are in the process of compiling a new (and hopefully better) list of onion links.

I’m also contributing to this list, but the research process isn’t a paid gig; I’m just doing it for fun, and to be a part of the community. At present, in my search, I’ve found a few onion links I hadn’t seen or mentioned before:

http://i2cd7lskmfiv2p4c.onion – Dark Skull Forum (I’ll probably write a full post about this later)

http://v4gn2k725iokfu4u.onion – Respostas Ocultas

http://ns7ttoradlgc7qek.onion – heartsucker (has clearnet mirror)

http://tcy5ympaiuj4h2d6.onion – Library

These are only a few sample ideas, but they are the types of sites I have in mind. Obviously, if you know me by now, I am not looking for CP links, nor anything scam-related, if at all possible. (That can be hard to avoid, though.)

Another question I have is: what will this onion link list look like? Well, I’m not part of the design team; others are handling that. Most link lists on Tor look pretty nondescript, though. For example, here’s one of the ones I mention a lot, “Welcome To Dark Web Links & More!” (http://jdpskjmgy6kk4urv.onion)


I suppose there’s nothing all that special about it, except that it’s CP-free (which is one of our requirements), and also has a list of Usenet links, albeit ones that are available through Tor. Wow – that’s hardly the Usenet from the 70s and 80s, is it?


No, I was thinking of this one:


Anyway, if you have any suggestions for onion links to add to our list, please leave them in the comments.

Please – no spam, OK?

secretsofthedark waits for spam comments to come in.

3 thoughts on “Requesting Onion Link Suggestions!”

  1. I have been trying every link made available on this site but internet keeps saying “site unreachable” and “connection error”.
    I tried using several VPN’s as well but same result.

    1. They don’t work with the Tor Browser? Some of the sites are down, occasionally, but at the time I posted these they were up. You might not be connected to the network, if that’s the case.

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