Red Room Follow-Up Part III

One of my most popular posts of all time is Red Room Follow Up Part II, and since it’s almost Halloween, I figured it was time for another sequel!

In that post, I explained, in theory, how you could set up your own red room (provided that there weren’t too many hurdles to overcome). Still, I’m very doubtful about the existence of these types of sites.

On the other hand, you do have sites like TorTube on which you can watch videos, right? Does that negate my argument about streaming over Tor? Ironically, I attempted to watch some of the videos on TorTube a minute ago, and most didn’t seem to work.


I have to say, if that site were a red room and you kept getting 404 errors, your customers would be very disappointed. At one time, the site PsychoTube existed, but it doesn’t seem to be around anymore.

This is why, as I’d mentioned in some of my other red room posts, that I’m skeptical as to whether they exist at all – yet the urban legend persists! A while ago, I came across a page called Red Room Deep Web Complete Guide (on the clearnet), which is part of I would hope that you folks know the difference between the deep web and dark web by now, but I digress (wink).

According to this site, this is the “truth” about red rooms:

If your last Google search was anywhere near the “Red room” or “Red room deep web”, you’ve landed on the right runway. Red room is supposed to be a “myth”, and “urban legend”, and everyone who hasn’t themselves been on the Red room deep web will tell you so.

Although, contrary to popular belief, let me tell you they exist! (We’ve provided links as well as step-by-step [sic] guide on joining the same as well!) also will providing you every small and bing [sic] points about the Red Room on the deep web.

Yeah, yeah. That’s what they all say; I used to believe it too. Be that as it may, one of the sites that they use as an example is this one:


Oh, how did you know I was a connoisseur of snaf? In any case, it’s my belief that this site, like most others, is a scam, because it’s much easier to make money that way than to maintain the real thing. Unless someone proves me wrong, this will be my stance on it. Freenet and I2P are just as unlikely to have red rooms; I’ve never seen “red room” among the Freenet link lists, although I haven’t been on it for quite some time.


Nonetheless, there are private onion services, as you can read about in the post Creating Private Onion Services by my fellow dark web/cybersecurity enthusiast Matt Traudt. As he puts it:

This is thanks to a feature of Tor onion services that can prevent anyone from even connecting to your service if they don’t have your permission. I’m not talking about a login page on example.onion, I’m talking about the inability for random people to be able to tell that example.onion is up or if it even exists.


Still, just because of the fact that an onion service is private doesn’t mean that it’s a red room or anything of the sort. It may be something illegal, but it’s just as likely that it’s a whistleblowing related site or forum that has restricted access. I say this because I’ve already come across several invite-only sites that, when I accessed them, turned out to be some kind of darknet market/forum that just wanted to keep out law enforcement and/or scammers. Most of them look like this:


I imagine that if you tried to access one of the private onion sites without permission, this is what you would get:


Real exciting, huh? Maybe I should create my own red room scam site; that would be loads of fun. In any case, I think it’s fun to play around with the rumors and urban legends. If you have evidence to the contrary, let me know and I’ll investigate.








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