These Aren’t “Dark Web” Videos!

I’ve noticed that a popular YouTube topic, with regard to the dark web, is dark web videos. Why am I not surprised?

After all, YouTube is a visual medium, and videos are an easy way to shock people (and thus get views). Notwithstanding, most of the “dark web videos” that people use as examples are not actually from the dark web. Most are just creepy and/or weird videos from the clearnet, or even from horror films.

I Feel Fantastic – one of the more popular videos cited as originating from the dark web is this one, which you may be familiar with. It features an android named Tara singing “I feel fantastic…hey hey hey,” over and over. I admit that she’s creepy, but that’s all there is to it. Still, that hasn’t stopped all the wild speculation. Not only do people think it’s from the dark web, but they assume that it’s been made by a serial killer, and that Tara is made from the parts of his victims, or that the brief shot of a backyard is where the victims are buried. I would say…probably not.

Blank Room Soup – Yet another popular video that is often cited as coming from the dark web is the notorious “blank room soup.” As you can see, it depicts a man in a nondescript room eating a bowl of soup and crying, while being “comforted” by two people in RayRay costumes. These costumes, ironically, were meant to be friendly and amusing in their original context, but here, they have terrifying undertones.

Like “I Feel Fantastic,” though, this video doesn’t appear to be from the dark web. Again, it’s just creepy and has dark implications. One of my favorite horror YouTubers, ReignBot, explains a bit more about it here: Blank Room Soup.avi “Deep Web” Video EXPLAINED(?) (w/info from character creator). She’s awesome, by the way – if you like horror in general, check out her channel.

“Deep Web Video Farm/farm.avi” – This one I’m not sure about, I admit. The channel owner gives very little information about it. Its description reads: “This is a hidden deep-web video. Super rare seen no where [sic] else. You are warned.”

What he’s referencing is this story on r/nosleep: NSFW farm.avi. It’s true that some of the stories on there are pure fiction, but I can’t say for certain one way or the other about this particular story.

My feeling about the video above is that it’s just some kind of PETA video that’s been edited and filtered to look extra creepy. There may be truth to the original Reddit post, however, as a number of people claim to have seen the actual videos. If you know where I can find them, please tell me in the comments; I’m curious!

13 Scariest Videos Found on the Dark Web (Chills) – Oh, Chills. I enjoy your videos, but I doubt that any of the ones featured here are from the dark web:

Like some of the others on this list, the videos just appear to be creepy abstract art projects or something along those lines. They may even be clips from other YouTube videos. Nevertheless, I can’t say exactly where they originate from. Do you care to take a guess, readers?

So…the question becomes – what videos are actually on the dark web? Well, as I’ve said before, there are probably a lot of CP videos, which I don’t watch.

I have come across the occasional video that seemed like an abstract art project, but not nearly as often as YouTube would have you believe. On the other hand, maybe this is because I haven’t gone hunting for videos much. On my favorite social network (Psycho Social Network, of course!), people post a lot of gore videos, but you can probably find them on the clearnet too.

Strangely enough, I2P, Freenet, and ZeroNet have far more videos than Tor. This may be because those networks are better designed for playing video.

What do you think, readers? Should I look for more of these?

4 thoughts on “These Aren’t “Dark Web” Videos!”

  1. yes of course I understand you. I do not pretend to know everything to the contrary but I have made my way and I do not necessarily see these things but I know their existence is with certainty that I can tell you that yes there is something horrible but also a lot of bullshit

    apart from that I find your blog super and would like to discuss a little more about these networks here is my mail

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