Let’s Make a Creepy Dark Web Chat Bot Pt. 2

So, my last chatbot post got me thinking – how would we go about this? What should our “dark web chatbot” say and look like?

In terms of its GUI, I like the look of Norman, the psychopath AI:

“We all go a little mad sometimes.”

I’ve actually been checking out Norman’s site a bit, and it’s interesting to see the psychological background of what contributed to his “psychopathic” personality. As I’d mentioned on an earlier post, the developers somehow exposed him to the “darkest corners of Reddit” – whatever that means. Actually, after having looked at some of the quarantined subreddits a moment ago, I’m not surprised at all!


I’m not saying that a chatbot for Tor has to be dark, though – that’s just what I’ve imagined. On Rebot.me, where you can customize a chatbot, there are all kinds – it’s an excellent place for ideas. For instance, “Anonymous Yandere” sounds like a great one.


If you don’t know the definition of “yandere,” allow me to refer you to Urban Dictionary again:

Somebody who is sweet and kind at first glance. But when it comes to their love (crush) they will act obsessive and violent.

Sounds like my kind of friend! Anyhow, perhaps I have the wrong idea about these dark web chatbots. Just as not every dark website is “evil” or “disturbing,” a dark web chatbot doesn’t have to be either.

In fact, I just thought of something – since people often feel that Tor is hard to navigate, perhaps this bot could be helpful in that regard. It could give you links, or explain some of the types of things you can find on Tor. Whoever codes the bot could keep it updated with new links and such.

It could also be a potential “dark web FAQ.” There are countless myths about the dark web, and perhaps the bot could answer some of these questions. What do you think, guys and gals?

Or, on the other hand, I could just go with the creepy thing. That’s so much easier.





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