Are There Video Games on the Dark Web? (Sort of.)

This is a question I get pretty frequently. Have you gone looking for video games on the dark web and not found any? There are some, but they might not be what you expect.

Most of the video games I’ve encountered so far are more of the old school variety; I’m talking about 8-bit and 16-bit here (and older, as a matter of fact).

For instance, I’ve mentioned on this blog before that you can play the 1980s text RPG Zork on Tor (check out this Wikipedia article on it for more info). If you’re into really old school games with no graphics, then this might be right up your alley.

Just go onto the not Evil search engine (which, as I’ve said before, is like the Google of Tor): http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion. On not Evil, you can play Zork I, II, and III.


Of course, if you’re used to RPGs with graphics and sound (which I imagine most people today are), Zork will probably seem boring. Due to said lack of graphics, it requires you to use your imagination. Whoever added it to the search engine doesn’t mind this, I suppose!

Notwithstanding, you can play Zork on the clearnet too, at sites like Zork –, so you don’t really have to use Tor for that.

Those of you who watch SomeOrdinaryGamers (and yes, I know he’s not considered the most accurate source of dark web info) might recognize a game called Sonic and Tails, from this episode: SONIC AND TAILS!! – Deep Web Browsing 44.

Accurate or not, there is an onion site that features this game, at sntfgqfami5fdbn5.onion. Last I checked, it was online! Be that as it may, this game, like Zork, is available on the clearnet at Sonic & Tails; that might take some of the “mystique” out of it.


You can still try playing it over Tor, although you might have to enable scripts to do so. Have fun!

There was another game I came across a while ago that sounded intriguing, but when I went looking for it today, I was unable to access it again. It was an FPS called Blood, which was originally available as a PC game in 1997. Ooh, more old school games! In fact, I Googled this and found a screenshot:


It looks a lot like Doom, doesn’t it? Its onion link is http://tj4f3j4yrgvbmx5b.onion. Unfortunately, like some of the other games, its site was down when I clicked on it. Never fear, gamers – this one’s on the clearnet too: Blood. The gameplay on the clearnet probably wouldn’t vary much from playing it over Tor either. Still, I find this encouraging!

There are a few other sites I’ve come across that have games, such as http://uhu7jakqd6ttrqlw.onion. On this site, you can find games like Missile Command, Othello, and Asteroid. Oddly enough, the same site is on the clearnet at games (for those of you who are afraid to download Tor)!


I’ve found this to be the case with many Tor sites, especially the more innocuous ones (such as these gaming sites).

Disappointed yet? Well, if you’re looking for something on the darker side, I came across a white supremacist themed site (not that I support that) called Heidenwut, which also happened to have video games on it – go figure: http://hq3hmoa4thdplmta.onion/

Politics aside, what kind of games are there? To name a few, Breath of Fire I and II, Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity, and Metroid: Rogue Dawn.

If you’re just curious about the games, I suppose you could check that site out too. Just a warning to those clicking on these links – I haven’t checked any of these for malware, so there’s a potential that some of these are harmful. I’m not sure.


That being said, this is only a sample of the games I’ve come across thus far; I’m sure there are others.

As I always say, if you have other recommendations, feel free to pass them along!

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