Check Out 48 Hours “Click for a Killer” Documentary

Has the dark web gone mainstream?

Two of my favorite fellow dark web researchers, Chris Monteiro (a.k.a. Deku-shrub) and Eileen Ormsby are interviewed in this CBS 48 Hours documentary, Click for a Killer, which you can see here: “48 Hours” disrupts alleged dark web hitmen in potential murder-for-hire plots.

Forgive me for saying so, but they do exaggerate the sinister aspects of the dark web a bit. The hitman sites that I’ve come across (including the one I conducted an interview about in Interview with DrBundy, Hitman Site Operator) are just scams, in spite of what YouTube videos and creepypastas would have you believe. Mr. Monteiro addresses this on his blog as well: CBS 48 Hours ‘Click for a Killer’ FAQ.


Still, it’s interesting that the case they discuss in the documentary resulted in someone’s actual death. Even if the hitman sites are scams, the customers who pay for the hits are serious, which is frightening.

If one of the sites they contacted turned out to be a scam, but the customer was adamant that their target dies, they would probably just look elsewhere (or even do it themselves).

Yura, the former owner of the Besa Mafia site who’s featured in the documentary, now has a different site called Dark Mamba, with a similar look, at darkmambawopntdk.onion. [EDIT: This might not be his site, but it has a few things in common with Besa.]

dark_mambaThat site has been up for about two years, but last time I checked, it was down. Still, it’s possible that a lot more people have been scammed. Save your money, folks! *waits for the angry comments to come in*

Anyhow, I suggest watching the documentary. It’s well done, and if you have yet to visit the dark web yourself, it can be a good primer.


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