South32: What is This Mystery?

UPDATE: Apparently there is one other YouTube video that talks about this mystery, but it’s in Russian: Скрытое в сети – РАЗГАДКА ТАЙНЫ SOUTH32 

Hey guys and gals! A couple of people asked me where I had been the past week. To be honest, I’d had a little bit of writer’s block, but it’s Halloween month! I should be doing creepy stuff, right?

Well, as I’d mentioned on Google Translate Revisited: Secret Codes?, one of the YouTubers I follow, Elder’s Vault, was in the process of looking into a Google Translate-related mystery.


He finally released the video, entitled “The Disturbing Mystery of South32”:

Apparently, Elder was messing around with the Mongolian Google Translate (in the same manner as the Somali one), and one of the results came up as, which redirects to


It seems that there are thousands of websites all across the internet that are promotional sites for a low budget film called South32 (at least on the surface, that is). That, in and of itself, doesn’t sound so strange, but according to the video, it appears that there’s something more sinister going on.


On, which seems to be their main website, you’ll see the image above, plus an embedded video which shows the entirety of the South32 movie. This begs the question – if they’re showing the movie for free, how are they making money off of it?

It doesn’t stop there, of course. If you Google this (or use any other search engine, for that matter), you’ll see some of the numerous “South32” websites that I’m talking about:


According to the video (and websites), someone named “Luigi Bian” is the producer of this film, and also owns the sites (although I’ve heard from various sources that this is a pseudonym).

While I was conducting my own research on this topic, I happened upon a Pastebin link that lists a few of the many “South32” sites: South32 Conspiracy.

Besides the obvious one, some of the sites include:

That’s just a small sampling. Another odd thing that happens when you access some of these sites is that they auto-download text and image files to your computer, which sounds like a great way to get viruses. If this really were just an ARG, would they be using it to send malware to people?

In fact, Elder’s Vault mentioned on Twitter earlier that just today, another YouTube channel called SOuth32 Luigi Bian “appeared” mysteriously and uploaded a video with a similar title to his, albeit with a computerized voice speaking about who Luigi Bian is. It looks as though the creator of this video made it as a reaction to Elder’s video, given that it has the same title.


I don’t know about you, but I find that a bit freaky. Another quirk about these South32 websites is that they appear to have some kind of hidden codes on them, which lends a bit more credence to Elder’s theories about them. If they are actually involved in something criminal in nature, then it would make sense to make it hard to uncover (although I haven’t verified whether it’s that sinister or not). Here’s one example:


As you can see, the number “86590523” is listed there, and almost all of these sites have corresponding numbers like that. What do the numbers mean? I don’t know for certain but as Elder speculated, they might be codes to gain access to some of their sites – does that seem like too much of a stretch?

The screenshot above is only one of many of these sites, obviously. Here are a few other intriguing examples:





Anyhow, I keep wondering – what’s the purpose behind all this? Is it just to promote these low budget movies, or is there really something much darker (like a human trafficking operation) going on underneath the surface? If it’s the latter, I really don’t want any involvement!

In any case, what’s your take on this, readers? Is this whole “South32” thing just an elaborate movie promotion idea, or is there really something dark and disturbing taking place?

I’m inclined to think it’s the latter, but I haven’t entirely figured out the mystery yet. In fact, I’m not sure I really want to, for my own safety.

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