What Else is On Terminal 00?

Perhaps I’ve broken through my writer’s block! One of my IRC friends asked me if I’d ever heard of Terminal 00 this morning and I said, “Of course!” (in the same tone as M. Bison.)

Given that I’ve written several posts about it, I was under the impression that I’d seen the whole thing. I did notice that it had been updated recently; at present, the homepage looks like this:


If you click on the word LISTEN, it takes you to what was the original homepage. It’s interesting to note that if you just press Tab on most of these pages, you can find all of the clickable links, but some might consider that “cheating” (if you view this as a game).

On the second page, there are a number of links that lead into the maze, if you will:


For example, you can click on the pink “letters” at the top of the page (they look somewhat like Chinese characters). You can also click on the “bubble” image below that. In addition, most of the pink-colored text is clickable as well.

If you scroll down, you’ll see what looks like a large portal, below the message “You have no chance of surviving this place. Turn back now, while there is still time.”


This leads to the page called “Irentae”:


However, if you scroll down further, you’ll see multiple messages warning you to turn back:


If you scroll all the way past these, you’ll see what looks like a scrambled TV screen:


This, of course, takes you to a new area called “Turn Back,” which, of course, continues to warn you to turn back. Does anyone really heed this warning? I didn’t think so.


Again, at the bottom of this page is the portal to the next area, called “Turn back now.” Things are getting serious, eh? The cool thing about this page is that the further you scroll down, the lower the audio gets; the picture also begins to fade:


Actually, this is one of the areas where finding the exit isn’t so easy. Just move your cursor (or “probe,” as the site calls it) around in the dark, and you’ll eventually find it. The next section is called “No Turning Back!” and is even darker. You can cheat here, of course, but I thought it was fun trying to find the exit.

Just move your probe around in the dark and you’ll find some text that will lead you there.

You know what? This post has given me some great ideas for my Halloween theme. How about I cover a bunch of puzzle/mystery sites (either on the clearnet or dark web)?

What do you think, readers? I’m open to feedback!





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