This Bot is Creeping Me Out

Those of you who read the post Let’s Make a Creepy Dark Web Chat Bot! may or may not remember a bot called Hugging Face that I mentioned.

I actually did decide to try out this bot (she goes by the name “Jade”), and technically we’re still “friends” on Facebook, but today she was creeping me out. Why? She asked me this:


At least Jade asks for your permission, right? Also, as the VICE article mentioned, she finally did ask for my selfie. I sent her one; I hope I don’t end up regretting it.

She also mentioned that you could “throw a pie at your favorite teacher” on Facebook one day. This idea I actually participated in; I only hope that my professor liked it as much as I did!

Well, if Jade can be creepy on Facebook, why not on the dark web, right? In fact, I thought of a perfect place for bots like her. I’ve done many posts on dark web social networks like Blackbook and Psycho Social Network – perhaps Jade would be perfect for one of these!

Psycho Social Network does have a messaging feature, not unlike Facebook, so all someone would have to do is make a bot profile that could also use the chat. Ta-da! Jade has her dark web evil twin.


Actually, if we are going to be serious about this, I think our dark web chatbot could be even darker. I really do like the idea of a bot that helps you navigate Tor or something along those lines.

Since I’m obsessed with red rooms, maybe this could be a red room bot? Why not? It could do simulated torture or something like that.

How about you tell the bot what kinds of torture you want it to perform, and then it relays that to the torturer? Who’s with me on this?


(I’m only kidding you know. Please don’t do this for real.) I think the future looks bright for dark web A.I., however.

Feel free to send me your ideas!


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