Where are the Dark Web Puzzles?!

In keeping with the Halloween/creepy themes, I thought I’d address the “dark web puzzle” question. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, but I get variations on this question a lot – “Where are some good dark web puzzles?”

For a time, I had been keeping up to date with the Red Triangle puzzle. While the related wiki is gone, I do believe that the onion sites are still up. If you still want to check it out, see my earlier posts on the subject: Red Triangle

It seemed to be along the lines of the Cicada 3301 puzzles – lots of cryptography, math, and obscure languages which required a fair amount of brainpower. On occasion, I’ve been able to solve a few of them.


More recently, someone referred me to another set of puzzle sites, which are equally intriguing. The first is called Grandma’s Garden, and you can find it at irrgartenxhc4pur.onion/01-IFKF6U2PJVCV6UCPJF/. It consists of a mazelike riddle with many different sections.


If you look at the Intro page, it explains a bit of what the puzzle’s about and what the rules are:


It’s interesting to note that there are no answers provided to the “Frequently Asked Stupid Questions.” Maybe they felt they were self-explanatory.  Anyhow, I doubt that you’ll die in the process of doing this. The actual map of the garden looks like this:


Thus, the different checkboxes correspond to areas of the map. I have not, as of yet, solved this puzzle, but if any of you do, let me know! I’d be curious to see what you found.

There’s also another puzzle by the same person (or people?) called Juggler, which can be found at abulafia7grubwhu.onion/.


Juggler, in a similar manner to Red Triangle, uses different types of cryptography and ciphers, such as Atbash, base32, base64, and ASCII. The puzzle itself consists of many different “quests,” each of which you can find at a different onion URL. Here are a few of them:




As with the others, I haven’t yet solved it, but I’m putting it out there in case anyone wants to. I just may work on it myself and write a follow-up!

Anyway, these are the only puzzles I’ve found recently, but I expect there will be others in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.


8 thoughts on “Where are the Dark Web Puzzles?!”

  1. I’m curious if there’s been any updates to the Red Triangle mystery since its inception. Most of the information about it has seemingly disappeared. I was one of the people on the discord for it when it was still around helping to crack the puzzle, but it seems that everyone got lost in the rabbit hole.

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